Nanny Travel Tips

By Katie Bugbee, Senior Managing Editor of Care.com

  1. Talk expectations. Is it the same hours, or would you like some early morning relief? Will there be date nights involved? Go over the itinerary of the trip before you leave. Discuss hours, activities, all job details – and what free time she’ll have. Draft a contract so you’ll both have this in writing. Need help with a sample contract? We have a sample one at www.care.com/nannycontract.
  2. Pay airfare, meals and hotel. Your nanny is your employee. And just like employees at any other company, if she’s required to travel with your family, you as the employer must pay for her airfare, food and hotel accommodations. Same goes for all excursions. And if renting a house, provide her with her own room (not bunking with the kids!).
  3. Know when she’s on and off the clock. Your nanny is on the clock for the time you are traveling and any other time she is not able to come and go as she pleases. And yes, this can even include when she’s lounging by the pool while the kids are napping.
  4. Don’t forget about overtime. Your nanny earns overtime (time-and-a-half) for every hour over 40 she works in a week. It’s important to keep track of her hours on vacation so you don’t accidentally short-change her pay. You can talk to advisors at Care.com HomePay (www.myhomepay.com) for questions on taxes and overtime for free.
  5. Give her time off. This is a vacation for your family, but it isn’t for your nanny. She’s still working and needs a break every now and then. Let her be on her own for a few hours while you take the kids on a family activity.