September 2012: RealTime Medicine service lets patients consult with doctors live and face-to-face through video, phone or email

virtual doctor
RealTime Medicine

RealTime Medicine is new service that allows patients to consult with a doctor live and face-to-face through video, phone or email   from anywhere! This revolutionary way of healthcare delivery provides patients with on-demand access to board-certified doctors and licensed therapists 24/7/365.

RealTime Medicine is a game-changer in the healthcare delivery market.  RealTime Medicine utilizes a network of licensed physicians that can order prescriptions, lab tests, x-rays and make referrals to specialists using patients insurance plans or a using a pre-negotiated rate through the online system at home.

RealTime Medicine CEO Brad Burch states,  “Employers are realizing healthcare costs only going up; RealTime Medicine is a world-class affordable alternative that offers employees more benefits and more convenience while saving companies money, and reducing absenteeism; which improves productivity and promotes a healthier workforce” he added.

Burch explains, “Studies show 72% of urgent care visits and 67% of emergency room visits could be seen by telehealth providers. Urgent care ranges from $150 to $350 per visit, while ER visits range from $900 to $1200. Insurance premiums are rising and are calculated based on administration, claims & usage.  If we can redirect the number of expensive emergency room and urgent care visits, then claims will be reduced; lowering overall health premiums.  People that want to use their health savings accounts are approved for use with our system too,” Burch said.

The at-home service is easy and convenient to use.   The patient turns on his / her laptop and using live encrypted-video along with email or by phone, the patient speaks with a physician using a secure, HIPAA compliant, confidential and easy-to-use system.  Realtime Medicine is safe, convenient, affordable, and available 24/7/365. For more information visit

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