Summer of Epic Adventure – The Sequel at the Children's Museum of Houston


Press Release: Summer has taken on epic proportions!  Superheroes will discover their powers during the Summer of Epic Adventure – The Sequel at the Children’s Museum of Houston.  Beginning May 28 through Sept. 3, 2014 the Museum will once again power up and transform into The League – an elite, superhero institute complete with superhero instructors, action-packed activities, epic live showdowns, character appearances and extraordinary events, so that YOU can beat all that stands against summer fun! 

YOU have been chosen to be ever-vigilant for evildoers and super villains who skulk around campus and also to take on The League’s superhero core curriculum which includes:

  • Get Your Gear On – Superheroes can’t rely on their powers alone.  Learn how to make your own gear, costume, symbol, gadgets, guides, vehicles and more!  We’ll show you how.
  • Train Up – It takes both physical and mental training to be super, and The League will put you through both all summer long.
  • Put Your Powers to the Test! – Bigger, better, stronger power.  Try out your physical and mental prowess on different challenges which will test the limits of your powers. 


Episode 1:  Taming Tidal Forces

May 29 – June 11

The wicked villain Overflow has escaped, refilled his tank, and is now washing away the city.  Prepare to recapture him by training against the elemental forces of water.  Beat Overflow and his villainous friends at their own game by launching speeding sponges of power in the Allen Family Courtyard.  Make water squirters and send a stream of watery justice towards your opponents at Science Station.  Discover how to send secret messages to your super teammates using water at Junktion.  Spin up your own cyclonic storms with a fun take on spin art at the Alexander Art Academy.  And put your powers to the test at the Build and SMASH training in The Arena.  On June 7, The Little Mermaid will be part of our world.  TUTS will bring everyone’s favorite mermaid and character out from under the sea to hang out with you!   

Episode 2:  The Making of a Hero

June 12 – 25

The Boredom Bandit is stealing summer fun and superpowers.  Without superpowers, you’ll need to train your mind to make gear and a headquarters to stop him.  Kaboomarang?  Check!  Heroscope? Check!  Shark repellant? No? Using the latest in Invention Convention technology, design tools that will help you escape any situation at the Heroes’ Hideout.  Assemble your own superhero by mixing and matching costumes at Junktion.  Don’t blow your cover!  Create a hidden compartment hiding in plain sight at the Inventors’ Workshop.  Use special magnetic geometric modeling tools to design the super-foundation of your superhero headquarters at ExxonMobil Math Cart.    


Episode 3:  It’s a Bird!  It’s a Plane!

June 21 – 30

(Superman Swoops in for Super-Sized Birthday Bash on June 30)

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s Superman!  The Man of Steel will “fly in” to celebrate his own birthday.  We’re throwing him a birthday bash complete with “Happy Birthday” singing, supersized “cake”, and dancing to the Superman song on June 30.  Come join all the superheroes and take to the skies to celebrate Superman all week long.  Test your aim on a safe archery training course in The Arena.  Rise to the challenge and build up the air pressure on your own superhero rocket in the Allen Family Courtyard. Master the power of chemistry, magnetic forces, and static electricity at the ExxonMobil Math Cart.


Episode 4:  Star Spangled Superheroes

July 1 – 7

(Kidpendence Day Elephant Toothpaste Patriotic Burst, July 4)

Heroes are made in America!   The fuming Strong Man is smashing his way across the country, so it’s up to you to stand for truth, justice, and the American way!   Captain America is pretty good with his shield and you can be too!  Use our “training shields” to hit all the targets in The Arena.  Use the power of light and your quick hands to make the heated Strong Man see stars and stripes in the Brown Auditorium.  Create your own colorful bubble displays of Ol’ Red, White, and Blue and master the Science of Freedom at Science Station.  Join the High Steppers Brass Band as they lead to the jaw-dropping elephant toothpaste patriotic burst on Kidpendence Day, July 4, andcelebrate the heroes who have contributed to making America the land of the free and the home of the brave!


Episode 5:  Super Dogs to the Rescue

July 8 – 14

(World Series of Dog Shows Musical Freestyle Skills and Frisbee Catching, July 10 & 12)

Canine companions will raise the woof with their superpowers!  Use Scent Boxes to sniff out trouble, study Dog Vision to see what dogs see that we don’t, and master the secret codes of dogs with Dog Communication atScience Station.  Build optimized catapults to launch your puppy’s ball as far and high as possible at Inventors’ Workshop.  The World Series of Dog Shows will unleash talented pooches that can dance and catch Frisbees on July 10 and 12.  Show off your superpowers by starring in your very own comic book.  Our 21-Tech team will e-mail you your collectors’ edition adventures to share online! 


Episode 6:  License to Chill

July 15 – 21

(Lip-smacking Ice Cream Making on National Ice Cream Day, July 20)

Chill, the ice queen, is preparing a frosty reception for all heroes!  Get ready to melt her cool disposition by beating the summer heat with our heroine Spark.  Nothing gets things chilly like a little dose of liquid nitrogen! Watch as our scientist shows and explains the power of liquid nitrogen by freezing everyday items like bananas and balloons in the Alcove.  Send cold shivers down villains’ spines using super-absorbent polymers to create snow at Science Station.  Create Superhero Snowflakes with iconic superhero images at Junktion.  Then, shake, rattle, and roll your way to a tasty frozen treat making your own ice cream in celebration of National Ice Cream Day on July 20.  Brrr!


Episode 7:  Weave a Wild Web Epic

July 24 – Aug. 6

(Spiderman Day Character Appearance, Aug. 1)

Are your spider senses tingling?  Swing into gear and team-up with everyone’s friendly neighborhood wall crawler while putting your Spidey skills to the test!   Practice your limberness, body awareness, and pattern recognition as you weave your way through a simulated laser-alarm maze in The Arena. Use Peter Parker’s knowledge of chemistry and molecular bonds to make your own web fluid slime for you to take home at theHeroes’ Hideout.  Become the friendly neighborhood web-slinger of Kidtropolis when you create abstract web art with yarn in the Alexander Art Academy.  Spiderman will swing by to celebrate Spiderman Day on Aug.1.


Episode 8:  Supersonic

Aug. 5 – 11

(PBS’ Super Why Character Appearance, Aug. 9)

Villainess Quick Cut is zipping around town, causing all kinds of mayhem.  Get up to speed to stop her by joining Snap Shot to train your reflexes to react with lightning speed!  PBS’ Super Why will turn pages as he vows to defeat summer boredom with a special appearance on Aug. 9 


Episode 9:  For The Win

Aug. 12 – 18

Superhero Trainees have rigorously earned their capes and masks all summer long.  But six super villains are teaming up against them and the League. The super showdown begins now!


Episode 10:  Brain Games

Aug. 19 – 25

The pint-sized villain Malicious isn’t done yet!  Join The Brain and Whiz Kid and use your super smarts to solve his perplexing puzzles and figure out a strategy to stop him!


Episode 11:  Heroes Unite

Aug. 26 – Sept. 3

It doesn’t take superpowers or super-engineered gadgets to be a hero. You’ll discover that being a hero is state of mind in this salute to everyday heroes. 

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