The Texas Bucket List


Even if you were born and raised in Texas there’s a very good chance you  haven’t done the majority of things on Mick Watson’s awesome Texas Bucket List. Here’s 40 of my favorites. 

  1. Take The Ultimate Road Trip (Dalhart to Brownsville)
  2. See the World in San Antonio
  3. Visit the State Fair of Texas
  4. Explore Palo Duro Canyon
  5. Buy a Pair of Custom Boots
  6. Float a River
  7. Sip a Dublin Dr Pepper
  8. Marvel at the Painted Churches in Little Bohemia
  9. Take in the River Walk at Christmas
  10. Climb Mount Cristo Rey
  11. Fish With Your Kids at Caddo Lake
  12. Eat Calf Fries at Riscky’s Steakhouse
  13. Nap Beneath an Ancient Oak in Austin
  14. Learn to Two-Step
  15. See the Marfa Lights
  16. Rev Your Engine at the Art Car Parade
  17. Memorize the Texas Pledge of Allegiance
  18. Ride the Ferry Between Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula
  19. Lose Yourself in History at Adobe Walls
  20. Spray-Paint a Car at Cadillac Ranch
  21. Watch “The Last Picture Show” and “Tender Mercies”
  22. Attend a Classic High School Football Game
  23. Visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
  24. Enter a Chili Cookoff
  25. Snag a Picnic Table at Railroad Blues
  26. Order a Brown Derby at Dairy Queen
  27. Attend the Futurity
  28. Visit Donald Judd’s 100 Mill Aluminum Boxes
  29. Collect a Lightning Whelk on Matagorda Bay
  30. You can view #30 along with 32 more items here.

If you are interested in more Bucket lists, then check out our Pinterest page where we have other Bucket lists including “100 Ideas for your fall bucket list,” “Buckets List Festivals,” and “My Disney Bucket List.” 

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