Tim Duncan's Kids answer media question after the Spurs NBA Championship win on Father's Day

“Say something nice about me” said Duncan to his son. 

Any sports fan could go on and on about Tim Duncan aka Old Man Riverwalk of the San Antonio Spurs.  During the past week, the 38 year old NBA great broke multiple NBA playoff records and won his 5th NBA championship. Duncan told the media for some reason this championship felt the sweetest and maybe it was because he knew his career was coming to an end and maybe because he was able to celebrate the win with his kids on Father’s Day.

After the game, Duncan and his kids, Draven and Sydney, went to the post-game conference where Duncan answered a bunch of questions about his past, present and future.  Then one reporter asked his kids “What do you guys think of your Dad tonight.”   His daughter thought he “was awesome and tried his best” and his son…well, he “liked his Dad’s hat.” 

Duncan still has a few more miles left in him but the NBA and sports are going to miss this class act when he’s gone.  As for those lucky kids, they get to enjoy him for many more memorable Father’s Days. 



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