Beautiful Skin For The Fall

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Beautiful Skin For The Fall

In the wake of COVID-19, everyone I know has tried new fashion and beauty trends that they may not have in the past. Here are a few that the HFM crew has tried and approved!

HFM_perfect Image

Perfect Image

Medical-grade facial peels delivered to your door!

Perfect Image glycolic gel peels provide a great solution for those who aren’t ready for in-person visits but want the same efficacy as in-office peels at just a mere fraction of the price.

The peel comes in three strengths: 10%, 30%, or 50% . The average use is 1-2 ML per treatment.

$29.95 for 30 ML or approximately 15-30 peel applications.


Going for hairless from head to toe? This duo combines our easy-to-use face and body wax strips for a stress-free experience anywhere you’re waxing. Don’t worry, they included step-by-step motivation too.



All-in-one facial start kit. This is the one you’ve seen celebrities talking about all over social media. Hanacure All-In-One Facial is an active treatment creates an intense tightening and compression effect on the skin to address all of the most common skin concerns at the same time. You’ve got to try it before it sells out again.




Apothekary – Haters say it’s Photoshopped 

Basically skin food, this adaptogenic Hibiscus Chaga blend helps to reduce          redness, promote gut health and give skin that elasticity and vibrant glow all-year round. If you’re looking for vibrant skin, this blend is for you.


Glamsquad The Untamed

Forget that we adore the name of this one. Who hasn’t gone and extra day or three without a wash and blow? With this in your bathroom, no one will ever know! Texturizing Finishing Spray. A must-have for cool-girl, effortless texture. This aerosol has a translucent finish so you won’t see any residue in your gorgeous locks.



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