Zen Your Space

written by Kimberly Davis Guerra

In this stressful time, we need to find our ‘Zen’ wherever we can. Maybe it’s a favorite candle that you light when you are taking that much deserved soak. Or a new pillow that helps you sleep a little sounder. Maybe it’s comfy new pj’s or loungewear that makes you feel extra relaxed. Whatever it is, here are some suggestions to create a spot to give you a moment’s peace.  

Shungite healing properties enhance the body’s ability to fight negative energy, and substances. Shungite Sphere, 1 and 7/8 Inches, EMF Blocker, Medium Size, Custom Wood Stand. www.shungitequeen.com

Longing for the days on the bay? How about Bay Breeze candle? Light it and sail away. Bonus – support local Houston Candle Company! www.houstoncandle.com

Bring nature inside. Pick up a fern to liven up a room and also help clean the air. If you keep them in the bathroom, you won’t even have to water it often and the steam from your showers will keep it nice and moist. Visit a local grocery or hardware store to pick one up.

Salt Lamps bring a warm glow to a space and are another way to clear the air. If that’s not your preference, check out Salt Wonders, located off Westview, for tons of other choices. www.saltwonders.com

The power of scent is strong when you are trying to get your ‘Zen’ on. Looking for a beautiful blend that immediately clears your mind, then look no further than Elizabeth Irvine’s TrueWellBeing Essential Oil. An organic proprietary blend of Clary Sage, Pink Grapefruit, and Lemon. Intended for diffusing. www.elizabethirvine.com

Meditation cushions are the perfect place to relax your mind. Since 1979, Dharma Crafts has been making cushions and mats to last a lifetime. Bonus is that they are made in Massachusetts. www.dharmacrafts.com