30 Ways for Kids to Play

kids unplug outdoors
30 ways for kids to play.
And, more ideas to keep the kids entertained while you’re at home.

1. Camp out in your backyard.
2. Play shaving cream twister.
3. Play backyard Yahtzee with giant dice and a bucket.
4. Play water balloon baseball.
5. Have a nature scavenger hunt.
6. Sit on the ground identify the shapes of the clouds.
7. Pick strawberries at a local farm.
8. Watch a movie at the drive in.
9. Join the Summer Storytime program at your local library.
10. Watch the sunrise.
11. Build a sandcastle.
12. Make your own tire swing for your kids to play.
13. Make water bombs out of sponges.
14. Create your own backyard splash pad!
15. Decorate the driveway with sidewalk chalk and have a photoshoot or draw a hopscotch board.

and the fun continues…….

16. Perform an easy science experiment by making soap clouds.
17. Make homemade ice cream.
18. Buy a popsicle mold and make homemade popsicles.
19. Paint with squirt guns on a canvas.
20. Paint with bubbles!
21. Make a bird feeder.
22. Plant a fairy or a dinosaur garden.
23. Watch a movie in your backyard.
24. Catch lightning bugs.
25. Stargaze with your family.
26. Work a lemonade stand.
27. Have a water bucket relay.
28. Build a fort.
29. Paint with colored ice cubes.
30. Have your kids create a Summer Scrapbook by keeping a journal about their favorite Summer activities, and adding mementos and pictures.

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