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7 Bedroom Renovations for Your Growing Kids

bedroom renovations

7 Exciting Bedroom Renovation Tips for Your Growing Kids. Kids are known to alter their tastes from minute to minute. And, that’s all right, this is all part of the joy of growing up.

Furthermore, it is important to cater to the current needs of your children going up. Their bedrooms can become a cozy and personal space as your little kids become big kids, guiding them through one of the greatest changes in their lives.

But don’t worry, you can still use some furniture from the room with just simple upholstering, changing the fabric’s design that will suit the taste of your children. If you’re interested, you can learn more about upholstery fabrics here.

So before you renovate your children’s room, here are some of our tips and tricks to help you renovate the room for your child to satisfy the growing up process of the big kid.

Revamp Your Child’s Room

You need to understand that your child is growing, and some things are changing especially their preference. While when they were younger, cartoon characters may have been perfect for your kids, but many growing kids want to be seen as adults.

At this point, redecorating your children’s bedroom is an essential move towards adulthood, so keep this in mind when choosing color palettes and styles of design. The use of neutral colors is always the best option, but you need to take into consideration your children’s ideas and preference.

It is also a very good opportunity to learn more about your children by discussing their needs and wishes in their rooms that will help you get closer to them.

Choose The Perfect Furniture

As mentioned, you can still use furniture with a little upholstering to save money. Some furniture, if used carefully, can last a lifetime. Even years past, you can still use a well-made, durable bed and matching dresser and side tables for years and will still be suitable.

If you have a larger room, you can add a couch that your child can use whenever their friends come and bonds. We recommend putting a functional desk and a comfortable chair because we all know how much homework and web surfing your growing kid will do over the next few years.

Add Some Accessories

The meticulous and careful method of decorating and accessorizing the nursery all those years ago can be vaguely recalled by most parents. Although you may have been able to select pieces of decoration and accessories that fit your design preferences once upon a time, it should be left to the growing kids themselves to customize their bedroom.

An essential part of growing up is creating a personal identity, so encourage your not-so-little kids to select photographs, mementoes, and other decorative items that are special to them that makes them happy, then hang it or put it in a frame.

Furthermore, while it’s always nice to keep clutter to a minimum, an easy and inexpensive way is to encourage your child to choose a few items for display in their room is to let them feel they are part of the design process.

Create a Limitation

A budget is sometimes the most important thing you should consider when you renovate your child’s room. Without it, you can easily overspend your money. And, overspending reduces your capability to buy the things that matter.

Also, by knowing the top end of your budget and remaining below that amount, you can create a strong foundation to operate on and be well organized. It will also help to filter down the scope of the project, especially if extensive construction and logistics are involved.

Prioritize the Needs

The next step to having a budget is to prioritize the needs. We recommend that you write down all the necessary things, and separate the things they want. You will decide what takes precedence in the plan by first beginning with the absolute must, to make the bedroom both enjoyable and practical.

From there, before you reach your budget limit, you can add extras. Shop with a gift card preloaded with your budgeted sum of money to ensure you don’t go overboard. That way, it will not tempt you to spend more than you’ve allotted.

Think About Comfort and Accessibility

If a child is unable to move or access basic needs in their room, then they would not be able to enhance their learning and growth. Parents should consider the strengths of their child and plan a space where their child can succeed.

Moreover, accessibility becomes less about protection and more about ownership as children mature into young adults. By his or her interest and personal preference, you can further configure the room of your growing kid.

Bring Out The Artist in You

No matter what your budget is, to keep it within control, being innovative will do wonders. For DIY ventures, your children’s bedroom is perfect, as it is a simple way to incorporate creativity and creative colors and designs to make their room all their own.

A sure way to maximize your budget is to repurpose furniture. It doesn’t matter if the furniture is decades older, just give the old furniture a facelift with a fresh finish or swap some hardware for instant finesse.

Furthermore, you can also make use of the situation to let your children help you with designing, in that way you can all have fun at the same time save some bits of money. If you’re painting something on the wall, let them go berserk with the design they want.


Nothing’s constant when it comes to your children. Just as quickly as the wind blows, they change their favorite foods, colors, and designs. When it comes to renovating their bedrooms, you should always prioritize your child’s comfort over anything.

You can propose your suggestions, but don’t force it. Let them choose what they want, and if it’s too expensive, then let them know. You can, at the end of the day, meet halfway. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the moment, and make memories with your children.


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