Crayola’s Colors of the World

Disney Star Travis Bryant – The New Face for Crayola’s Colors of the World.

2020 has been a year of social change and embracing the new normal. The events of this year have shed light on several points where the world needs to embrace inclusivity and diversity; one of those is in the vibrant school supplies that students always use. If you’ve taken the time to notice, the ‘skin color’ crayons provided by Crayola only come in three shades: tan, dark brown, and peach. Texas native Travis Bryant, renowned for his performance as Tyler the Village Boy on Disney’s Sofia the First TV show, was signed on by Crayola as the Global Ambassador for their Colors of the World initiative, aimed at providing a larger spectrum of skin color crayons and thereby accepting students for who they are. This pack of 24 crayons will include hues from ‘deepest almond’ to ‘light rose’ that have been specially created so that “it’s even easier for kids to color themselves, their families, and friends from all around the globe!”, as the package says.

Houston Family Magazine had the chance to speak with Travis Bryant about this revolutionary initiative and his involvement in encouraging diversity and acceptance. As a member of the African American community, diversity is an incredibly important concept to Bryant. “Diversity, to me, means that there is representation for all walks of life, all – all genders, all races, all sexual orientations, all religions, all belief systems, and backgrounds. Now, I come from a very different skin color than the average kid… as a kid, I noticed that I had to mix different-colored crayons and different ways to be able to get my skin color right. Drawing family portraits and making other art, it was a bit discouraging that there was no perfect choice for my skin color.“ Crayola’s Colors of the World.

So, when Travis Bryant was approached by Crayola’s PR team to represent them as a Global Ambassador, he promptly signed on. After several photoshoots and video campaigns, Travis realized the impact of his status as the new worldwide face for a mainstream corporate brand that is embracing diversity. Referring to the goings-on of 2020, Bryant said, “It’s shocked and shaped the world. I think it’s really encouraged companies like Crayola to look where they have may have lacked in representation or diversity, as well as see where they may have played a part in these biases that people hold onto.”

Travis says that acting as Global Ambassador for Crayola streamlines well with his overall message to the public during COVID-19. “I’m a goofy positive kid and I want to leave a positive impact on everyone. At the end of the day, I hope I make someone smile and brighten someone’s day. During a crazy year like 2020, it’s incredibly important to mobilize our community and help each other. Let’s do our best to uplift each other at this time.”

Colors of the World 24 Multicultural Crayons at Crayola.com available now!

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