How to Make Your Backyard Safe for Kids

keep kids safe

A backyard is a fun and traditionally safe place for your children to frolic without care or concern. But sometimes, dangers can present themselves that might have been previously overlooked. Here are a few ideas to consider for a safer backyard design.

When many of us were children, our whole world was the backyard. We laughed and played and explored our imaginations for hours. The only thing this could stop us was a meal, a bath, or a stern word from a parent. But the following day, we were right back out there having the time of our lives.

Younger kids today who haven’t become completely consumed with all things electronic, still enjoy the wonder of outdoor fun. Parks are erected to simulate that climate, with swings and slides. And those parks are built with every detail in mind to ensure they are safe for all types of play. Your backyard design should mirror that attention to safety.

How to Make Your Yard Safer for Play

Even though you do everything  you can to protect your children , they still get into mischief, still get bumps and scrapes, and sometimes, eat things they shouldn’t. That is why things like organic liquid fertilizers were invented. They’re kids. They are curious and sometimes don’t think through things. And that is all part of growing up.

Lay of the Land

Do thorough surveying of every nook and cranny of your yard, specifically seeking out those hidden issues that might cause unexpected problems. Like recessed sprinkler heads can be trip hazards, or holes dug by burrowing rodents are a sprained ankle waiting to happen.

Fence it off

Your best tool in the struggle to keep your kids from going where their imagination takes them is to create firm boundaries. Chain link fencing is easy to install, and for pets, as well as kids, keeps them safely ensconced in your kid-friendly backyard design.


Younger kids learn by putting things in their mouth. It’s odd but true. If you have a backyard landscape design idea, be sure to remove any plants or flowers that are poisonous or can cause an allergic reaction. Strawberry and tomatoes are two examples.


Even if your yard has the most modern backyard design with all the most updated safety measures, it is still important to keep an eye on them. They can find mischief in the most unexpected places.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether you need a small backyard design idea for an in-town, low square-footage area, or you have a sprawling yard, the rules remain the same. Check out every possible place a child might get themselves into an unexpected and unfortunate situation. Look for hazards and remove them.

Preexisting Hazards

A lot of home designers look at how to design a backyard for saleability. They want design additions that will increase a home’s value when put on the market. The biggest of these is the in-ground pool. And knowing you have a pool removes all logic from a child’s mind, replacing that will the joy of getting in there and splashing around. But accidents happen around pools in a blink, and no one wants to suffer that. For your pool, an extremely specific fence design that a kid cannot wiggle through, with an out-of-reach locking mechanism, is paramount.

A Kid’s Small Backyard Oasis

If you do not have a large yard, or even have only a patio, there are still a few ways to take what limited space and make it fun for your little one.

1. Sandbox

Kids love to play in the sand. Introducing a sandbox is a wonderful way to give your kid hours of fun. And these will work for tiny backyards or even patios. Just make sure you get a sandbox with a lid, so if it rains it doesn’t turn sand into the mud. And the lid will keep the sand cool in the hot months.

2. Mini-playground

For younger kids, small plastic play places are available, they don’t take up much space and can bring a lot of joy to an active kid. They are perfect for small yards and patios.

3. Swings

Even if all you have is a patio, a swing is still an option. An individual swing that is affixed to a support beam or attached to a sturdy metal frame will work best.

4. Playhouse

A playhouse is a hideaway where the imagination can run free, without the encumbrance of reality. If your child likes to pretend, likes to have tea with an imaginary friend, or just enjoys the idea of doing things in their own space, one of these elaborate, and size-efficient playhouses might be just what they need.


It is important for kids to grow and learn through play. All you can do is give them a safe and supportive place to do it. Have you made any special adjustments to your outdoor spaces to improve your child’s safety?



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