How to Prevent Risky Behaviors in Children

How to Prevent High-Risk Behaviors in Children. Imagine being able to prevent risky behavior in teenagers and college students by using developmentally sound science at key ages. In The NeuroWhereAbouts GuideDr. Crystal Collier advises adults who want to set healthy boundaries and limits regarding the many risky behaviors faced by today’s youth, and what those limits should look like at each phase of brain development. The 428-page book is written in infographic style for easy learning and was released today in paperback.

In the guide, Dr. Collier shows what healthy brain development looks like, how risky behaviors can derail that trajectory, and what to do to keep development on track. The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide puts at parents’ fingertips the developmentally appropriate prevention science needed to set children up for success from elementary school to college.

“Over the years, I’ve repeatedly heard parents say they wanted to speak openly with their children about those hard topics—from anxiety, body image issues and divorce to pornography, binge drinking and illegal drug use, but were unsure of what to say during those conversations,” Dr. Collier explained. “The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide applies science to aide parents with discussing these risky behaviors, early and often. It even includes tools, activities, sample contracts and scripted talks for 18 high-risk behavior topics.”

This is the practical information parents, teachers and counselors need to be ‘Brain-Savvy’ — to know what prevention measures to take and when to help kids make healthy choices for life.

“At first, I thought my daughter was too young to discuss certain topics until I learned from The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide that those behaviors peaked in middle school. Then, Dr. Collier made it simple to have the talk by providing a script and checklist to help me remember what to discuss,” Shawne Moore, parent of an 11-year-old, said.

To read more about how to prevent risky behavior in your child, you can order the book from any local bookshop.

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