Looking for a new family car? Read this first!

Here’s a new FREE resource for parents to keep their families better protected on the roads. The Auto Professor https://theautoprofessor.com/helps consumers find the true safety ranking of their vehicles. Before now, drivers relied on ratings from the NHTSA and IIHS which come from crash tests with dummies in a lab. The problem though… crash test dummies don’t drive real cars on real roads… people do. 

The Auto Professor’s Auto Grades system is based on 30+ years of real-life crash data that shows which drivers walked away from the very worst crashes and which didn’t. Drivers can find their vehicle’s grade by searching make, model and year PLUS The Auto Professor goes one step further by allowing drivers to search by gender and age. Imagine how this information can help new parents looking for the right car for their expanding family or parents of a teen just learning to drive, or someone who’s helping their elderly parents find the best car? 

The Auto Professor was created by Norma Hubele, a university professor, a passionate consumer advocate and automotive safety expert who’s been an expert witness in more than a hundred court cases. 

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