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Meet “Momtog” Nicole Oman

Relics of Rainbows Photo
Location: The Woodlands, TX and beyond!
Social Media: http://www.instagram.com/relics.of.rainbowshttp://www.facebook.com/relicsofrainbows

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m actually a Californian. Born and raised under sunny skies, feet in the sand, ocean in the horizon, and mountains at my back. My dad is an avid watercolor painter, and for a time as a young child, I vividly remember being dragged to art gallery openings and shows. I was always in love with the idea of being an “artist” but really had no clue what medium would choose me. My high school photography teacher definitely encouraged me, and really focused less on the technical aspects of how to use a camera correctly, but rather how to capture a story in a single frame. That has always stuck with me!


What is your “Mom” story?

Oh man, being a working mom has been so rewarding! When our minivan wheels crossed into Texas almost 2 years ago, I had no idea what was in store for us. I tell people all the time “Texas freed me!” and what I mean by that is – I’m free to be the mom I’ve always wanted to be, and also have this dream career. Best of both worlds. My littlest one tags along with me to location scout quite often, and she’s a pro at finding little pockets of light in the woods. She’s also a pro at twirling on command for a cake pop bribe. Recently, we were out looking to see if any flowers had popped up, and we came across some weeds that could have passed as flowers (if you squinted) and she, unprompted, asked me if I’d like her to lay down in them. In that moment, I realized how much she was influenced by my photography, but kind of in the best way! I think we all need to stretch out in a patch of flowers every now and then! 

On the flip side, I also encourage my kids to try everything any anything they want, so we are driving around in circles from swim to ballet to soccer to baseball, and that just comes with the territory of doing the mom job to the best of my ability.


What kind of photography do you do?

I launched my business with families in mind, because telling the story of a family is so rewarding! Catching connections between family, in those brief little moments, is the part of my job that I am so passionate about. I’d love to photograph more lifestyle sessions (in home sessions) because I think documenting those true to life moments are so valuable.

I’m a natural light, visual storyteller. I generally use prompts and some light posing, to help people connect with each other in all the best ways. My style is “less is more” and my sessions tend to be very relaxed.  


What was your favorite photoshoot ever? 

I had a family photoshoot that was unreal last year. Sometimes everything just clicks at the right time, the light, the moods of the kids, some music gently playing on my speaker, and color of the grass. Looking back at those images puts a smile on my face and encourages me to keep honing my craft.  


If you could choose a destination to photograph, where would that be?

If I could go anywhere, I’d probably choose the Swiss Alps. I’ve got a bucket list of photographs to take and frolicking in a meadow (Sound of Music style) with my kids is top three!


If you could photograph any one person or subject matter, who/what would it be? 

My absolute favorite part of a family shoot is capturing mom and dad together. They get their own moment in time, and I just love that. So many moms and dads haven’t been photographed professionally since their wedding (some never!) and my heart just explodes when I’m able to give that to them. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get deep into weddings in the next couple years, mainly because I love to photograph people in love.


Whose work has influenced you most?

I’ve got a ton of modern-day influencers, photographer friends included! Instagram is bountiful, and so full of talent these days, but the person that has influenced me the most to see photography as an art form is Gregory Colbert. I visited the Nomadic gallery Ashes and Snow on the beach in Santa Monica, CA in college, and it was life altering.


What inspires you? 

My children have always inspired me. I’m constantly watching them through eyes of a “momtog.” Kids are so weird, and they do the most unexpected things, that we adults don’t understand. I love to capture these moments they so generously provide!


What is your favorite aspect of your career?

The thing about being a photographer is knowing that a good image is a gift that just keeps giving. In this digital age, we can be pretty sure that these images are going to be around for a very long time, perhaps eternity! It pushes me deliver better images, because I know that these moments captured in time are going to be family relics, and I’m always so honored when a family chooses me to capture them. 

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