PJ Masks is coming to the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land on March 10th for TWO shows…and we have the scoop!

Houston Family Magazine’s Kid Ambassadors Logan (age 6) and Michael (age 6) had an exclusive opportunity to interview “Catboy,” and Tour Producer Josh Blackburn, https://roundroompresents.com/
…see what they had to say! 

For more information on the show, visit http://www.smartfinancialcentre.net/event/pj-masks-live!

Catboy, how do you get to places so fast? 

With my Super-Cat Speed, I can run really fast! Also, the Cat Car helps me and the other PJ Masks get places super-fast!

What has been your favorite mission? 

Owlette- Romeo once broke into HQ and I (accidentally) turned on the HQ’s rocket function.  Romeo blasted off into the air, and only with some quick thinking, was I able to fly at supersonic speed to use my Super Owl Wings to fly in the air and catch up to Romeo…to stop him from taking over the world!

Is it hard keeping your secret of being the PJ Masks from your other friends at school? 

Yeah, I wish I could tell them all about my superhero adventures!  BUT HEROES NEVER BRAG!

We really like how you always work together. What’s the best advice you can give on working together even when you may not always agree? 

You have to trust and believe in your friends no matter what. Sometimes we disagree but working together to “Save The Day” is always better than trying to do it alone.

A little behind-the-scenes with Tour Producer, Josh…

How many cities are hosting the show this year? 

PJ Masks Live! Save The Day will be traveling to over 90 cities in 2019

Do the fans seem to have a favorite PJ mask character? 

The fans love all of the heroes, especially the newest hero PJ Robot! Parents often are big fans of the villains.

Are there any special effects used in the tour? 

The show uses several large LED screens to bring the cartoon to life.  We also use many special lighting effects and a confetti cannon! 

What does a tour manager do? 

Tour Managers are the boss of the team that is on tour.  They schedule all of the driving for the busses and trucks as well as work with the theater in each city to make sure that everything is in place before the tour arrives.  The Tour Manager is responsible for all of the cast and crew as well as making sure that we put on a great show every day!