The Elite University Academy is OPEN!

Reputable Elite University Summer Camps is now open for the school year to assist Houston families in the education of our community’s children through a comprehensive program with the launch of Elite Academy.

How does distance learning work at Elite University Academy?

Each Student will have a distance learning classroom.
Students will need to have their own laptop or tablet with earphones.
Each student will be logged on into their school’s distance learning interface by their instructor.
Each instructor will assist their group of 6 – 8 with their distance learning.
Students will have a snack break at 10:30 AM and have the opportunity to stretch their legs.
All students that finish early will be invited to play outside or the game room.

Who are the teachers? What are their qualifications?

We will have four ancillary teachers assisting the students with their distance learning.
All of our teachers will have at least an Associates Degree with experience teaching early childhood – 6th grade.
All teachers will background checked and approved by: FBI • DPS • CPS
Each ancillary teacher will specialize in a subject such as: P.E. • Science and/ or STEM • Music • Art
Our head instructor is a Certified HISD Math Specialist Teacher EC – 6th Grade.
She will check all of the students work before submission and assist with one on one sessions where needed.
Our Head Instructor will also delegate to the Ancillary Teachers how best to assist the students with their studies.

How does Ancillary Instruction work at Elite University Academy

Ancillary instruction will be held each day.
This will be the students choice to participate. If they don’t want to participate they will be given age appropriate options.
The students will remain in their age groups and attend a different ancillary class each day.
We are leaving Friday open for activities that the kids select such as trips to the park, cooking, or in school assemblies.
We will obtain approval from parents before we schedule Friday activities that involve them leaving campus.

Daily Schedule: 
Drop Off: 7:00 AM – 7:45 AM
Breakfast: 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM
Distance Learning: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Lunch: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Ancillary Class: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
– Ancillary Classes Include: Music • Fencing/ PE • STEM • Art
Self Regulation and Outside Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Parent Pick Up: 3:45 PM – 4:30PM
Meal Times: 
Breakfast: 8:00AM
Snack: 10:30 AM
Lunch: 12:00 PM
Snack: 3:00 PM
A meal plan option is available at $100 per month. Our vendor is Jason’s Deli. 


Where is the location of Elite University Academy?

— We will be located in a large 5 room house in the Montrose Area.
— The location will be outfitted as a school. Complete with tables, learning stations, and a game room.

Why not the medical center summer camp location on Main?

– The church is opening back up and we do not wish to expose our children and families to other schools and church groups.

– We will be utilizing a facility that is just Elite students and Elite Universitystaff.

Will you run this program after face-to-face school begins for other school districts?

—Yes. The plan is to run this program for the whole school year.
— We are prepared to choose a distance learning module in the event that the school districts stop providing their platform.

Is there a payment plan for the tuition?

—Yes. The tuition is month to month. And, the first month is due upon registration. The subsequent months will be scheduled online during the enrollment process.

Do we have to sign up for the entire school year?

—No. We hope you stay after the first month. And notify us one month in advance that you’re dropping from the program, so we can remove the automatic billing from your account.

What is the overall goal of the program?

— We at Elite want to provide a safe road to normalcy for children and parents. We understand that 1,500 + students does not work for everyone. Our goal is low risk education. We would like to build a community of responsible parents. We would like to allow kids to go back to school with their peers safely.

What is the tuition of the The Elite University Academy?

— $300 per week / $1,200 per month

What does The Elite Academy offer?

— Low student teacher ratio 8:1
— Distance Learning instruction
— Ancillary classes
— COVID-19 free environment
— No additional foot traffic through our school
— Valet drop off and Pick Up
— One on one assistance as needed
— Degreed instructors

How does Drop Off and Dismissal work?

Drop Off:
— Drop off starts at 7:00 AM
— An Elite teacher will escort students from their car
— Their temperature will be taken
— Students will go into the building for check in and breakfast
Pick Up:
— Parents will form a pick up line on our street.
— We will assign parents a pick-up number ( if needed )
— Authorized adults will have to show ID for pick up.

Will parents be allowed into the school?

— No. This is for the safety of all the students.

What if I want to pick my child up early.

— Just call us, or email us in advance and we’ll have them ready for you!

For more information email

Jeré Charlot, Executive Artistic Director

Elite University Summer Camps
+1 (855) 931-2586



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