12-Year-Old Nutrition Expert Shares Halloween Health Hacks

Hey guys, Kai from Generation Kai here to give you five fun and simple Halloween hacks to get us kids eating a little healthier this Halloween season while still having a ton of fun!

Fun with Dinner:

To bring Halloween to the dinner table you can always add black food coloring to whole wheat pastas or brown rice dishes.  Although it will die the food, once cooked it won’t dye your mouth. Whole-wheat pasta has more than two times the amount of fiber than white pasta and which means it will fill you up faster and keep you full longer.  This will help keep you energized and full for a long night of trick-or-treating!

Fun with Veggies:

When food looks fun, it seems to taste better, even veggies! Making veggies look scary is so much fun. Take ants on a log for example. Spreading a nut butter inside of a celery stick and then lining it with raisins, delicious but also super fun!  Another idea is to make your veggies and veggie dip into a skeleton by using carrots, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, celery, cauliflower, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and lettuce for the hair.  So fun to get creative with healthy food.

Fun with Fruit:

You can make all kinds of scary characters out of fruit.  Take half of a banana and add 3 chocolate chips for two eyes and a mouth to make a fun ghost.  (Dark chocolate is best because it has antioxidants!) To make a different kind of ghost, dip strawberries in white chocolate and then add chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.  Another fun Halloween idea is to peel a cutie orange and add a small piece of celery at the top to make a cute little pumpkin.  Make a watermelon monster but cutting it like a pumpkin with a mouth and make the watermelon you cut out the middle come out of its mouth.  You can add lots of other types of fruit as well, not just watermelon.

Fun with Cookies:

Instead of candy and all the chemicals and dyes that come with it, we like to make Halloween sugar cookies using Halloween cookie cutters.   It’s fun and even though it’s a little sugar, it’s much less than you might find in the store-bought candies. 

Fun with Dips:

Carve out a pumpkin and then use it for decoration on a guacamole platter making it look like the guacamole is coming out of the pumpkins mouth.  Or, you can add black food coloring to store bought hummus and design a spider web with nonfat Greek yogurt.  Hummus is a healthy snack option because it is high in iron and B vitamins.

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