A Tropical Refreshment that will Change Your Latitude

OJ juice. Apple juice.  Been there, done that.  What about a new kind of juice that can help with your wellness and health goals and make you feel like you’re on a tropical adventure? Just Made Juice, bottled and cold pressured right here in Houston, is now available on your next grocery run in the OJ section at your local HEB store. 

So, what makes Just Made different? The owner, Walter Nimocks, likes to say he’s sharing the “secrets of the tropics,” with us. While living in and working on farms in Latin America, he was amazed at the variety and abundance of fresh, unique fruits and began learning about their nutritional properties. And when his mother-in-law was blending these foods with “functionally beneficial” herbs and plants like maca root or moringa, his interest was piqued in how these ingredients can help aid wellness and health.

Many people know that turmeric can act as an anti-inflammatory and great for joint pain. In fact, Just Made’s Tumeric Temptation has a full 500mg of turmeric included – about the same as a daily turmeric pill. Other functional ingredient examples blended in Just Made Juice are ginger for nausea and indigestion, moringa for energy and antioxidants, maca root for hormonal balance and improved mental focus and more.

Juicing at home is all the rage these days for many. However, the amount of produce needed to create a single juice, in addition to the tedious and time-consuming activity of cleaning a juicer, is pushing more consumers to buy fresh, healthy, on-the-go drink options like Just Made. In fact, HEB also sees Just Made as part of a growing trend and category, choosing Just Made as one of itsQuest for Texas’ Best finalist by H-E-B, from more than 600 companies in the competition, judged by H-E-B culinary professionals and executives.

Just Made Juice features 7 cold-pressed juices with no added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives that are also vegan, non-GMO and dairy, gluten and soy-free.  Flavors include Beets & Turmeric, Papaya Ginger, Pomegranate Spice, Ginger Greens, Turmeric Temptation, Passion Dragon, and Mango Moringa. Just Made uses HPP (High Pressure Processing) to preserve nutrients and freshness instead of heat pasteurization.

Feel Good With Every Bottle too! Just Made is passionate about its philanthropy efforts, giving 5 cents for every bottle sold to education in their sourced farming communities.  In fact, when talking with one of the supported schools directors about their top needs, she didn’t note books or tables and chairs – instead, the basics of plumbing for working bathrooms was top of the list. Just Made looks forward to continuing to support these schools with your help with every bottle.

New flavors and products are continually being launched – and a holiday promotion to enter to win a free year of juice is out this week! So be sure to follow us on social media today and learn more at www.justmadejuice.com.

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