Edible Easter Fun: Make it Today, Eat it for Easter

easter fun

If your kids are fans of gingerbread houses at Christmas, they’ll really love these edible
Easter projects. Gather the ingredients, make a sample and then let the kids assemble these
incredibly cute Easter edibles!

Peep Houses


Graham Crackers (three whole ones for each house)
White Frosting
Candy Eggs
Pastel M and M’s
Easter Grass (edible kind if you can find it)
Parchment or Waxed Paper

1. Break graham crackers into halves. Using frosting, glue three walls to the floor, leaving
the front open. Let set one hour.
2. Glue the peep inside the house, adding Easter grass.
3. Glue the roof peak together and carefully place on top of structure. Allow frosting to
4. Glue rows of pastel M and M’s to the roof.
5. Garnish with candy eggs.


Marshmallow Easter Bunnies


1/3 cup Vanilla Frosting
36 Large Marshmallows
36 Miniature Marshmallows
Red and Pink Heart-shaped Sprinkles
White Sprinkles
Small Black Sprinkles
Pink Colored Sugar

1. Place frosting in piping bag (a baggy with cut corner works)
2. For each bunny cut two mini marshmallows in half. (a tiny bit of oil on knife or scissors
makes cutting marshmallows easier).
3. Use frosting to attach two arms and two legs to front of a large marshmallow, creating

4. For face use two mini-marshmallow halves for cheeks. Use sprinkles to create eyes, nose
and whiskers (the heart is the nose and mouth) For ears cut a large marshmallow on the
diagonal, dip the sticky side in the pink sugar and attach with frosting to top of head.
5. Put the head on the body with frosting. Let set to dry for one hour.
6. Place bunnies on a paper plate and add Easter grass or candy eggs as desired.


Peep/Pretzel Nests


Two packages 10-12 oz white baking chips
One 10 oz package pretzel sticks
24 Peeps
Candy Eggs
Waxed Paper

1. Melt white chips and reserve out ½ cup of mixture. Keep warm.
2. Gently mix melted chips with pretzel sticks and drop in mounds on waxed paper.
3. Using two forks shape into nests.
4. Dip the peeps in the reserved chip mixture and attach one into each nest.
5. Let stand for one hour.

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