Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, and Cream Cheese Roll-Ups

Light, simple, and tasty – these Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, and Cream Cheese Roll-Ups are a delightfully refreshing and easy Mother’s Day recipe. Use a mandoline or a vegetable peeler to cut long thin strips of cucumber, then roll them up with the salmon and cream cheese. Each serving contains 5.5g net carbs.

Blueberry Cloud Muffin

Rise and shine with this light, fluffy, and unique muffin creation. The Atkins Blueberry Cloud Muffin recipe is both a delightful brunch crowd pleaser and easy to make in the microwave. Each serving contains 6.3g net carbs.

Zucchini Frittata

A nice mix of fresh vegetables and eggs always tops the brunch charts. The Atkins Zucchini Frittata recipe combines cooked onion and zucchini with goat cheese, basil, and red pepper flakes for maximum flavor and minimum carbs. Each serving contains 3.9g net carbs.

Almond Protein Pancakes with Blueberries 

Flip some flapjacks for mom that are packed with protein and flavor without loading up on carbs. Whipping up some Atkins Almond Protein Pancakes with Blueberries is an easy Mother’s Day recipes that’s a guaranteed table-pleaser. Each serving contains 10.8g net carbs and 24g protein.




Crunchy Tropical Berry and Almond Breakfast Parfait

Not only does this parfait taste amazing, but it also looks fabulous among your Mother’s Day brunch spread. Layer up the good stuff with the Atkins Crunchy Tropical Berry and Almond Breakfast Parfait recipe. The various smooth and crunchy textures of whipped cream, almonds, and fruit are a great way to kick off the day. Each serving contains 11.3g net carbs.


Bell Pepper Rings Filled with Eggs and Mozzarella

For a more simple egg dish that’s still big on flavor, these easy-to-make Bell Pepper Rings Filled with Eggs and Mozzarella will be table pleaser. Each serving contains 4.7g net carbs.

Beef Huevos Rancheros on Canadian Bacon

It’s hard to say ‘no’ to anything that has bacon in it, especially during brunch. The Atkins Beef Huevos Rancheros on Canadian Bacon is an egg-based favorite full of rich flavor from chili peppers, cumin, oregano, and cilantro. Each serving contains 1.7g net carbs.

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