Seven Red, White & Blue Treats to Serve at Your Fourth of July Bash

Put a party in their tummies this Independence Day, with these fun, patriotic dishes that practically sing the National Anthem!

Jazz up your Fourth of July festivities with red, white and blue food! These dishes are perfect additions to a picnic, barbeque or pool party. They also make a low-key celebration at home a little more special.

Patriotic Potato Salad

Use three types of potatoes: traditional white, red skinned and blue or dark purple skinned. Peel the white potatoes, but leave the skin on the red and blue. Slice and boil the potatoes. Toss with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Dressing the salad this way instead of with the traditional mayonnaise base will make the dish safer for outdoor events and allow the colors to show through.

Yankee Doodle Dandy Dogs

Grill hot dogs and sausages. Place the dogs on buns. Top the dogs with chili (red), Monterrey jack cheese (white) and purple onions (blue).

Open Face Americana PB&J

Cut the crusts off white bread. Spread each slice with peanut butter. Top half of each slice with strawberry jam and the other half with blueberry jam. Place three thin slices of banana diagonally across each slice.

Freedom Salad

Top your choice of salad greens or lettuce with crumbled feta cheese, strawberries and blueberries. Serve with vinaigrette dressing and whole grain crackers.

Happy Birthday, USA! Cupcakes

Bake cupcakes of your choice and cool completely. Top with vanilla icing (white) and red and blue candies. Add candles for added flair—or sparklers if you’re really daring!

Firecracker Cubes

Make both red and blue Jell-o. Cut into squares and layer each color into clear cups. Top with whipped cream.

Star-Spangled Lemonade

Make a pitcher of your favorite lemonade (either from a mix or freshly squeezed). Thinly slice an apple horizontally and then cut each piece into a star shape. Float apple stars, frozen blueberries and frozen cherries in the pitcher of lemonade.

Yes, technically some of the items are more purple than blue, but the impact will still be clear! Your friends and family will love gobbling up these fun treats.


First published in June, 2013

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