6 Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

6 Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas. The winter holidays are just around the corner. We’re standing at December’s doorstep impatiently waiting for it to let us in to celebrate some of our favorite holidays. We’ll have to agree that Christmas is fun for the entire family. It’s the time when family members come together to make magnificent meals and decorate the house in Christmas spirit.

Instead of wasting money on new decorations each year, consider making your own ornaments! It can be an interesting bonding time with the entire family. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on the bandwagon and try these 6 easy DIY Christmas decorations.

1. No snow? No problem!

Whether you live in the area where it doesn’t snow, or it’s currently summertime, you can still create a festive atmosphere by making your own snowy decorations. It’s one of the best ways to involve the entire family, no matter the age, and get in the seasonal spirit.

There are numerous ways in which you can create artificial snow. One of them is paper snowflakes. It’s one of the easiest ways to simply cut the paper into snowflakes and hang them around your home or on the windows. If you don’t want to waste paper, popsicle sticks can be used as well! Dye them light blue, grey or white and glue them together to make perfect wooden art.

2. Try out the minimalistic style

Not everyone finds joy in the saying the more the merrier. Overcrowding your rooms with all kinds of decorations can sometimes seem tacky. If you’ve never liked decorating too much, but want to keep things as simple as possible, try out minimalism this year. How can you do that?

The key to minimalism- less is more. Keep things simple this year. Instead of a fully grown, natural Christmas tree, consider decorating just a pine tree branch. Similarly, you can use green paper and some bright colors to create a beautiful evergreen forest centrepiece for your table. Simple things like that can bring you more joy than abundant decorations.

3. Straight out of fairy-tale

There is no Christmas without beautiful fairy lights and colors! Even though they don’t cost a lot of money to purchase, making your own Christmas lights will make your entire home feel unique and festive. How can you do so?

You have a couple of choices. You can create simple but gorgeous fairy lanterns for your displays, or you can make string lights for your tree, porch, windows and the entire house, pretty much. Who says you can’t do both? Some people adore decorating their house with various lanterns, string lights and fairy lights. Make sure you pick out the durable material, so your fairy-tale can last until the next Christmas holiday.

4. Create a winter wonderland

Some people claim that having cute ornaments and decorations you’ve bought from the store doesn’t satisfy their festive spirit. There is no creativity in placing an already set-up display in your house. So, why don’t you create your own winter wonderland?

All you need is cardboard, coloring pencils and a tad of creativity. Make your winter village wonderland with cardboard houses. Use candy cones as trees and place candy all over the place to make it more festive. Include your youngsters in the process and allow them to color houses however they like.  You can even add a bit of cotton wool to create white roofs and snow illusion. You can then proudly display your decoration on the shelf or table where everyone can see.

5. Upgrade purchased ornaments

Most people throw away their ornaments once they get bored with them and purchase new ones. If you don’t want to do that,  you can always upgrade the ornaments you already have to complete the Christmas wonderland. Create a fun family DIY project out of it.

Repaint the old Christmas tree ornaments and give them a new glow. Try some new colors instead of red and gold this year. Besides that, instead of regular Christmas tree, consider opting for a branch tree Christmas decorations you can decorate yourself. Add as much as greenery and ornaments as you please. In addition to that, ornaments like these take up way less space than the actual trees.

6. Ho-ho-holiday card display

Every year most people send out and receive many, many Christmas cards. Instead of letting them pile up and collect dust in one of the drawers, you won’t open until the next years’ cards arrive, consider creating a card display.

It’s a simple thing you can do yourself. Depending on the style you’re going for you can use a pine tree branch, a rope, a board or something else. It can be a wonderful piece of wall decoration and a memory wall you can update each Christmas.


Making your own Christmas ornaments is not as hard as it seems with these 6 easy DIY Christmas ideas. It’s a fun project that engages the entire family creating a family bonding time. So, forget about the Christmas decorations shopping, and make your own ornaments for your beautiful home.

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