Bananas, Baseball, and Break Dancing!

I suppose I must have been living under a rock for the last few years because I had never heard of the
Savannah Bananas or Banana Ball.

However, when a friend posted on social media, looking for tickets, my curiosity was peaked. Then I
quickly found myself down a rabbit hole of sensational TikTok videos and had to see what the ap-peel
was for myself.

Referred to as the “Harlem Globetrotters of baseball” and “The Greatest Show in Sports” by ESPN; this is
truly a baseball experience reimagined.

Dancers, performers, mascots, musicians, athletes, and pyrotechnics, all bring an exciting twist on
baseball with a fast-paced game with a unique set of rules such as a two-hour time limit, no bunting,
tiebreaker showdowns at the end of each inning, and fans catching foul balls that count as outs. This new
twist on the game has amassed millions of followers.

When not on the road, the Savannah Bananas play home games in front of packed crowds at Grayson
Stadium in Savannah, Georgia.

With sold out shows around the country and hundreds of thousands of people on the waiting list for
tickets, I was excited to attend the opening game, Thursday night at Constellation Field, where the
Savannah Bananas faced off against their rivals, the Party Animals.
Arriving three hours before the official game time, the crowds were wrapped around the stadium. Fans
gathered in a sea of yellow uniforms, banana costumes, banana- printed Hawaiian shirts, and crazy hats,
all lending to the hype as fans waited to get a glimpse of the band led- parade before the gates opened. I
was severely underdressed for the occasion.

The stadium filled quickly and the entertainment was non-stop. The best advice I received was, ‘Don’t
focus on just one area or you will miss out on some truly entertaining antics elsewhere (on and off the

From players signing balls and apparel before the game; to dancing dad-bod cheer squad members
tossing banana underwear; the slowest race (involving crawling babies to a finish line); family balloon
relay races; banana launches from the stands into the field, there was never a dull moment. Popular
music blasted through the stadium at regular intervals as the players and fans breakdanced and sang
along. My favorite dance was the players’ rendition of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” on the field.
With all of the side-splitting excitement and entertainment, you almost forget there’s a baseball game
going on. However, all of the athletes (on both teams) are seriously talented and loyal fans of all ages
come from far and wide to witness the talent and entertainment of Banana Ball. Although the Savannah
Bananas ultimately lost to the Party Animals last night, the buzz throughout the stadium was palpable.
I now consider myself a huge Banana Ball fan and don’t know if I can watch baseball in its traditional form
again. The fan-centered interactive experiences are truly the highlight of the show and I can see why
Banana Ball is taking the world (and Internet) by storm.

I look forward to the Savannah Bananas returning to the Houston area.
Fans can watch Banana Ball games on the Bananas YouTube page and social media and follow for
schedules and upcoming ticket opportunities. www.thesavannahbananas.com/tickets

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