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Five Fishing Sustainability Tips

Five Fishing Sustainability Tips for Earth Day.

  1. Know your fishing region and regulations

Most regions require a fishing license that shares local regulations such as size and fishing limits, and the fish species that are allowed to be targeted. These are typically determined based on the health of the local fish population so it’s important to follow them strictly.

If you’re traveling to a region you haven’t been to before, check the local parks and wildlife centers before you go.

  1. Practice safe catch and release

Local regulatory bodies will let you know what the limits are for fishing, but that doesn’t mean you should always max out that limit. Only take the fish you will use and use the entire fish. If you want to spend more time on the water, practice catch and release. Catch and release gives the fish more time to mate and reproduce.

Look for circle hooks instead of J-hooks to minimize internal damage to the fish, and search for biodegradable fishing line plastic that will dissolve over time.

  1. Select more sustainable products

Use sustainable bait that uses biodegradable ingredients such as BaitCloud’s attractant balls that use scent, vibrations and visual clouds to attract fish to the local area.

Use lead-free fishing weights that will be safer if ingested by a fish or left in the water – look for non-toxic weights like brass, steel or tin. These alternatives can be a little more expensive but the benefits outweigh the costs.

  1. Trash any leftover live bait

If you decide to use live bait such as worms, be sure to throw any leftovers into the garbage. Throwing them into the wilderness can unintentionally spread harmful species to the local habitat.

  1. Use a carbon-neutral boat

This may sound obvious but opt for a canoe or kayak instead of a motorboat that can leak fluids, or better yet, sit on the edge of a dock and let the fish come to you.


About BaitCloud and their new biodegradable packaging

Founded in 2015, BaitCloud designs and manufactures fish attractant products to enhance and stimulate fish activity, bringing fish to the fisher’s location. Using specific formulas for targeted applications and fish species, BaitCloud’s products serve the needs of avid anglers and newbies alike. Since its launch five years ago, BaitCloud has been working to improve the product and is proud to announce its new biodegradable packaging.

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