Get Slimed at Sloomoo

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Escape! Get off your screens and immerse yourself in our mesmerizing world of #satisfying joy. The Sloomooverse is full of never-ending, hand-crafted slime, yummy scents, vivid colors, and soothing ASMR delights.

A few of our HFM Kid Ambassadors recently visited – here’s what they had to say!


I had a great time at Sloomoo!!!!!!! My favorite part was when I got dumped on with slime! It was great and I loved that they gave us triple slime at the end. I loved when we got to touch all of the slime and make our own! my favorite  one was the mint chocolate chip smell . I  really want to back!!

One of my favorite things about Sloomoo was all the different types of slime they had to play with. I loved being that I was able to make my slime there because at home I don’t have all the materials. I found it really cool to be able to customize and make my own. My favorite type of slime had to be the creamy cloud slime. There was another slime that I liked that when you pulled up it looked like cotton candy. Another cool thing about Sloomoo was how I got to get slimed. Even though I was covered up in ponchos, it got all over my legs.  It was still really cool and thankfully the slime was washable, but it was cold. I would love to go back to Sloomoo again.

Kate and Madelyn-
SlooMoo has finally come to Houston and you don’t want miss out! It’s a self paced journey through all things slime! Before entering, all visitors wash their hands and watch a safety video. When you enter you make a name tag, replacing every vowel in your name with a “double o”. For example, Kate becomes Kootoo and from here on out, that’s your slime name! Once you enter there’s plenty of slime in huge containers to play with, all of different colors and textures. Kids are even encouraged to put some on the wall! After this came my favorite part… using a giant slingshot to propel slime towards one of my best friends, Madelyn, who was safely behind a see through wall. I definitely encourage capturing this moment on video! Next kids have an opportunity to make their own slime, complete with a color and fragrance add in as well as 3 charms. It made a great souvenir. I skipped the opportunity to get “slimed” by my friend but it looked like a lot of fun! Before we left we had a chance to interact blindfolded in a sensory exhibit and walk (or in my case crawl because I was laughing so hard) through a slime pit. It was amazing! I had a great time and hope you do too at SlooMoo!
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