Me Time

Parenthood is not for the faint of heart. It can be draining and requires the maximum level of patience, decision-making and physical engagement. It quite literally requires a parent to give (or heal) blood, sweat and tears every single day. Many days it can feel as if 24 hours just isn’t enough time in a day to take care of everyone, and so the decision is often made to give any spare time we might have to our families and work, leaving nothing for ourselves.

Me Time is not a selfish act but rather a necessary mindful act of love for yourself and in turn for others. How can we expect to pour love into our families when our cup is empty? Me Time is about being present with your mind and body as they are connected and must be recharged equally to function at an optimal level. There are no specific ways to spend your well-deserved break. Me Time can range from 30 minutes to 24 hours and what you do with your time is a personal choice but should include quality activities that are enjoyable and fulfilling to you.

We asked some of our local parents to share some of their favorite Me Time activities:


Physical Activities

“Early morning gym time is my time. I play loud music and take care of my body before starting my day.”

“Hot Yoga 3 times a week. Give me all the sweat and heat!”

“Sometimes I just blast music and have a solo dance party.”


Meditation, Music and Art

“Sometimes I paint during what used to be my commute time from the office so I can transition from work to homelife.

“I love going to sit in silence at Rothko Chapel.”

“I schedule uninterrupted time for myself every day from 5:00am-6:30am which includes yoga, meditation, journaling, reading and writing.”

“I love coloring pretty pictures in adult coloring books. It’s simple, calming and makes me happy.”

“I put on noise-cancelling ear phones and just sit in silence—watch the birds out my window, pet an animal. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as all the noise is stopped.”

“I enjoy going to dance classes!”


Social Connections

“I have a reoccurring coffee date with my girlfriends every month.”

“I invite a friend on a walk or hike in the city. It’s a good time to catch up and workout at the same time.”

“I try to meet up with girlfriends for a few drinks or dinner every month or so.”



“Deep tissue massages to work out all of the body aches.”

“A hot bath with bubbles and books. And a glass of wine, too. “

“Getting manicures, pedicures or going to the hair salon is a perfect time for me to chat with adults without my children interrupting.”

“I look forward to going to my therapy session each week.”


Back to Basics

“Connecting with water. Drinking it, playing in it, soaking in it.”

“Every few weeks, my partner and I alternate who gets to have a few extra hours alone on Saturday morning. That extra time can be used to sleep, shower, read or even outside of the house. It’s our time to use however we want.”

“A long, hot shower with eucalyptus body wash and the lights off.

“Just a few quiet minutes outside to have a vitamin D recharge.”


GuiltFREE Pleasures

“Give me all the ice cream with all the crunchy toppings!”

“Reality TV! The trashier the better.”

“I love eating my kids snacks after they go to bed.”

“The best days are being at home by myself…with no to do list waiting for me!”


For the Love of Hobbies

“I play for an adult softball league and I look forward to going every week!”

“Baking and trying out new recipes brings me so much joy.”

“I’ve started roller skating again!”

“I play in a billiard league for a couple hours per week.”


Take me Away!

“Waking up on MY time, alone…in a hotel room. No kids, no sharing the bed, just me.”

“A massage on a beach with the sounds of nature as my music of choice!”

“I’d love to rent a beach house with my girlfriends or other couples for a quick getaway. In reality, I’ll start missing my kids after 24 hours! But that’s just enough time away for me to reset.”

Committing even a little bit of time for yourself does a great deal of good for your mental health and well-being. Here are a few local places and groups that you can consider for your next Me Time date:

Check out Houston’s Art Murals

Make your own candle at the Candle Bar

Beginner’s Level Volleyball, Tennis, Kickball and Soccer Group

Workout at Discovery Green

Have a solo sleepover at the Laura Hotel

Be inspired by art in the Houston Museum District

Japanese Garden at Hermann Park