What Does Mom REALLY Want for Mother’s Day?

While it’s nice not to have to cook for Mother’s Day, the restaurants are crowded and reservations can be hard to get! What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? We surveyed moms around the Houston area and beyond to find out. Their answers might surprise you and give you some ideas for the mothers in your life:

Sleeping in


Sleep is often in short supply for moms. This is an especially important one for new mothers who may be severely lacking in this important area. Whether it’s the chance to sleep late in the morning or a well deserved afternoon nap, you’ll be the hero if you can make this one happen!

A Squeaky Clean Home


What could be more luxurious than a clean home? Whether you put in the elbow grease yourself or hire a company or cleaning person, mom will appreciate not having to lift a finger on her special day.


Nix the Arguments


It’s always a great day to be attentive to our words and try not to argue. But it’s especially appreciated on mother’s day! Moms want their children to try particularly hard to get along on their special day.


Time Together


The most requested gift of all was time with their children. “No sass, no stuff. Just having my kids near me.” requested Teresa Nounou who lives just west of Houston. There are many ways to consider spending that time together:


  • Give mom the gift of a mother/child manicure and/or pedicure. Especially if mom usually does her own nails, this could be a special splurge.
  • Spend time in nature. May is perfect for spending time outdoors. It’s warmed up enough to enjoy the weather without the stifling heat we’ll experience later on this summer. Maybe mom would enjoy a hike at one of the greater Houston Area’s many parks or even a trip to Galveston. Or she might enjoy a picnic or bike ride.
  • Do some yoga together. Houston has many yoga studios. Or if mom is more of a homebody, try hiring a private instructor to work out together with all the comforts of home.
  • Volunteer together. The Houston Food Bank takes volunteer registration online. No experience is necessary.
  • Visit one of Houston’s many museums together! The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston has multiple exhibits through May such as Shahzia Sikander: Extraordinary Realities or Virtual Realities: The Art of M.C. Escher from the Michael S. Sachs Collection.
  • Most moms said they did not want to cook a regular dinner for mother’s day, but what about a cooking class? Sur la Table on West Gray or Town and Country Boulevard have many interesting classes.


Time Alone


Alternately some moms just want a little time at home alone on mother’s day. It might just be time to run those errands and leave the house with the kids for a little while, leaving mom to indulge herself in some quiet time. Aliza Garetz of Houston says she likes it when her husband takes her daughter out and about and allows her to have a quiet day by herself at home.


Or Both!


Heather Long from Appleton, Wisconsin wants time to spend with her children but would also enjoy a massage by herself. What Mom wouldn’t?




The old standby is still a favorite with many moms. No need to spend a fortune if mom is close by. Trader Joes and many grocery stores have a great selection for a reasonable price. Of course there are always the flower shops. Or have flowers delivered for something extra special. When it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s really true that it’s the thought that counts. Most mothers just wanted to know that they are appreciated and loved.