Pool-Sharing app Splashes into Houston Just In Time For Summer

Every kind of app ranging from food delivery, couch surfing, car sharing, room renting etc… has hit the market. The latest innovation to make a splash in Houston just in time for the scorching temps is a European pool-sharing service that allows H-Towners to visit safe, secure spaces that come certified and ready to make a splash.

Swimmy, the app (available for download on Apple and Android) connects swimmers and sunbathers with pool rentals in their area. Booking sessions range by pool between $25-$35 per person per half day, per a release.

Obviously, the pool-sharing app is a convenient option for those who are still hesitant to swim at public pools and gym pools. But what’s in it for pool owners? According to Swimmy, pool owners can bank some serious cash on their under-used — and certified – pools during hot summer months.

“Texas pool owners can make some extra cash this summer, Swimmy makes it easy to turn your pool into a moneymaker and is a profitable move for empty nesters whose certified pools may be less active this summer,” says Harkrider.

For more information, visit Swimmy.com or download the app.