Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt

Due to social distancing measures during the Coronavirus, Easter egg hunts have been cancelled this year. However, you can still enjoy your family tradition in your own backyard or indoors.

Have a Chore Hunt
This great idea from Good Housekeeping is perfect if you have older kids. Let them fill plastic eggs with pieces of paper with their chores written on them. Any eggs the parents don’t find means the kids don’t have to do those chores. The kids will want to do a great job hiding them while the parents will do their absolute best to find them.

Have a Reward Hunt 
Have kids fill Easter Eggs with slips of paper that have reasonable rewards (stay up for an extra 15 minutes, choose your own dinner menu) rather than candy/toys. Hide the eggs and the eggs that the kids find are the rewards that they get.

Make It Interactive
Write your own simple directions to place inside the eggs that the kids need to follow. Ideas include meow like a cat, snort like a pig, hop on one foot. The whole family will laugh so hard and it’s a great way for them get their energy out.

You can also fill each of the eggs with a slip of paper with a silly task such as sing “Itsy Bity Spider,” name three fruits that are red, or do a dance move. 

Leave Clues (for Older Kids)
Combine the thrill of an egg hunt with the thrill of a scavenger hunt. Hide a few eggs and lots of clues to find the grand prize. 

Mix and Match Eggs
Mix and match the colors of the plastic eggs and make the hunt a bit more challenging with this sorting game that asks kids to hunt for plastic eggs that match an illustration. The egg illustration can be drawn in a craft activity.

Turn it into a Letter Hunt
Each egg has a letter which needs to be unscrambled once all the eggs have been found. This is also a great way to practice their spelling.

Do It Blindfolded
You can direct the kids to the eggs “hotter/colder” style and then let them blindfold you for extended play.

Alternatives to Plastic Eggs
Paint rocks to look like Easter eggs, plus a golden egg, and hide them. Make Easter eggs using recycled egg cartons

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