Sporting Events Every Fan Should Experience


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are many beloved sports and even more world-famous events for each, as fans mark these unmissable dates in their calendar they wish they could be spectating for themselves and its a shame that they are not. Many sporting events around the world are unforgettable, made so by the environment and atmosphere. Here are some of the best sporting events that every fan should experience, not just for the sporting excellence but for the world-famous experience that comes with each and every event, each with its different traditions that fans will never forget.

Horse Racing

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Horse racing has long been a beloved sport, especially in the UK and so there are many annual events that the worlds look forward to each year, for the festivities, racing results and placing a bet or two. But although there are some races that are more famous than others, such as the Grand National being a world-famous event, others are known for their one of a kind atmosphere at the track and Cheltenham is a racing events know for just that – the atmosphere.

Cheltenham is a well-known event that has long been a popular destination for horse racing lovers but is most renowned for the “Cheltenham roar” which refers to the tremendous amount of noise made by the spectators at the track when the flag rises to mark the beginning of the four-day event and the crowds of people scream and cheer.


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Being the most popular sport around the world, football has plenty of events that draws the attention of millions of fans, but some are more desirable than others and tickets can be almost impossible to get your hands on – the FIFA World Cup being one of them.

The World Cup saw over 3 million people walk into the stadium during the course of the event in 2018 and it’s safe to say that whether or not their team won, they had an experience that will not be forgotten. Lucky for fans, the World Cup is not just a one-day event and so the five-week duration gives fans plenty of opportunities to get in on the action and see a game.


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The Tour de France has been a beloved event since 1903 and millions of people travel to watch the 2,000-mile trek that stretches across three-weeks.  The event is not short of spectators space and so generally sees around 12-15 million people spectating, the beauty of the event is best experienced at the finish line in Paris and so it first comes first served for a prime viewing space of the epic finish.


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When tennis comes to mind many people will think of the famous Wimbledon as it is the oldest and most prestigious tennis event in the world, being held since 1877.  The strict dress code, intimate spectating crowds and often famous/royal attendees all add to the beauty and glamour of the tournament, with all celebrating the great game of tennis along with a class of champagne – over 25,000 bottles of which are consumed.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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