3 Simple Tips to Help Your Family Be More Eco-Friendly

Living Sustainably Tips from Dr. Denaye Barahona

  1. Build your connection with nature: Raising green kids can be as simple as taking them outside to play. When we have a connection and appreciation for the natural world, we will feel compelled to protect it. Another way to build this connection to the natural world is incorporating green, eco-friendly toys into play time – like these options from Green Toys Inc. Both their Pink & Purple Dump Truck and Pink Tea Set’s product and packaging are 100% made in the USA from recycled material like milk jugs and yogurt cups. It’s a fun way to teach kids about reusing materials and the importance of recycling!
  2. Start buying better: Everyone loves a good deal, right? Shopping for good value is important, but we also need to focus on quality over quantity. That means focusing on buying better quality items that will last longer like reusable bags that fit easily in a purse or your car’s cupholder. When we buy better quality, the items we buy will be more durable and can even be passed along to other families after we are done. This means less waste and less clutter!
  3. Shop locally and cook seasonally: Believe it or not, many kids think food originates in the grocery store. Take your kids on a trip to see farms and meet the people who grow the foods. They may even have a chance to pick their own fruits and vegetables. When we shop for local food, it’s easy to focus on buying what’s currently in season. The bonus is that buying food in season usually saves money, too.

To further help families, Zulily has launched its first ever Sustainability Shop, a one-stop-shop for sustainable items. More details can be found here, along with data on what parents are thinking about when it comes to sustainability.