Best Neighborhood to Raise a Family


Deciding to move your family to another home can be overwhelming. Your choices can have long-term impacts on your family’s quality of life. Knowing some of the most suitable neighborhood to raise your family is prudent if you’re planning to move to Houston.

Any parent wants to understand the culture, education facilities, proximity to shopping malls, and other essential amenities. Besides the beautiful weather, diverse experiences, and sporting activities, Houston is the fourth most developed city in the U.S. It has a rich history and vibrant life to keep your family happy. Moreover, the city is among the top residential areas in Texas. Here are some of the best Houston neighborhoods to raise your family.

Midtown Houston

Midtown Houston

If you want to live somewhere trendy and lively, the Midtown neighborhood in Houston can be perfect. The neighborhood is teeming with young professionals hence the vibrant vibe. The highly walkable museums, bars, restaurants, and shopping malls make the town attractive. Also, the location is convenient since it’s between Texas Medical Centre and Downtown Houston.Midtown is growing in popularity but remains among the most affordable neighborhoods in Houston. You can easily find condos, single-family homes, and townhouses. Affordability in the area is further improved by the fact that real estate transfer taxes don’t apply to real estate transactions in Texas.


Memorial is a lively place that straddles the city and has a calm suburb life, making it one of the suitable neighborhoods to raise your family.

The neighborhood has traditional and modern single-family and attached homes with spacious backyards encircled by green spaces and parks. Most families value the proximity to Grade A schools in Houston. In addition, it has a rich collection of various amenities, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Golf course
  • Country clubs
  • Nightlife options

While you’ll find some condos in the neighborhood, townhouses, and detached homes are abundant. Most importantly, you can find homes for as low as $150,000, so you can be sure to get a house regardless of your budget.


More families are moving to the Conroe neighborhood in North Houston, thanks to its abundant amenities and vibe, perfect for raising your kids. Conroe can be a great choice if you enjoy biking, watersports, and hiking due to its proximity to Graystone hills, Grand central park, and Lake Conroe.

Urban amenities are a few minutes away, where you can enjoy various family activities at Waterway Square, the Children’s Museum, and Mitchell Woods Pavilion.

At least three school districts provide education facilities for the residents. Besides the stellar performance, the schools have won numerous excellence awards.

Since Conroe is about 20 minutes away from commercial areas, you can get to work on time. While Conroe may look like a rural setup, it boasts several shopping centers and malls. In addition, interesting cafes and restaurants are abundant.

Greater Heights

The Heights is among the first neighborhoods to implement planned communities. However, recent development is replacing traditional houses with modern townhouses and apartments with budget-friendly options. Greater Heights is a great place for families since the homes have plenty of space for pets and kids to play.

The available amenities support fabulous shopping and dining experiences for any family. You can buy or rent amazing bungalows with peaceful surroundings. Besides, the neighborhood offers an opportunity to escape congested city life.

However, it’s vital to understand that Greater Heights is a protected neighborhood. Typically, the building codes for homes and businesses are quite strict in this area. If you’re considering building a new home from the ground up, you must comply with the fork national, craftsman, and Victorian designs. Regardless, the neighborhood can be an incredible residence, especially when you love century architecture.

Richmond Area

Located in Fort Bend County, Richmond is a hidden gem appropriate for most families. The neighborhood has a thriving community, convenient access to neighboring towns, and excellent schools.

Most attractions hinge on Richmond’s history, parks, and museums. If you love nature, Brazos is great for picnics and game viewing.

There are different zones for schools and homes to ensure your kids learn under optimum conditions. Notably, the neighborhood is home to one of the few sixth-grade-only schools to ensure your teen is ready for junior high school.

Richmond is about 30 minutes from Houston and surrounding towns. Shopping malls are abundant to ensure your family’s needs are met. Whether you want a high-end or normal shopping and dining experience, there’s no shortage of amenities.

The Woodlands

Designed for outstanding experiences, The Woodlands is one of the most attractive places in Houston for young families. You get access to some of the top schools, community amenities, access to employment centers, and balanced quality of life.

The Woodlands offers access to shopping centers and green spaces if you are looking for a balanced combination of urban and suburban life. The area has plenty of corporate campuses, cafes, and restaurants for the perfect city lifestyle.

The presence of parks, ponds, lakes, and hiking trails characterize the suburb life, among other features. In addition, the neighborhood is perfect if you cherish outdoor activities like kayaking, golfing, and tennis.

River Oaks 

River Oaks is a plush option in Houston if you want to raise your family in a lavish lifestyle with sophisticated amenities. The neighborhood is popular for its massive historic mansions spanning the area. However, real estate prices can be higher, so it’s best to be ready to pay more when buying a new home.

River Oaks is historically one of the most expensive residential and commercial spots in the United States. Similarly, the neighborhood boasts a spectacular display of wealth over the decades. Besides the unique historic mansions, the area is going through a robust construction phase with numerous contemporary designs taking shape, thanks to new homeowners flocking to the area.

The neighborhood has a unique selection of entertainment and shopping experiences. Besides housing high-end shopping complexes, River Oaks offers some of the best restaurants for unmatched dining experiences.

Spring Branch

If you want to buy a family home and prefer more space without giving up on proximity to city amenities, Spring Branch may be the best neighborhood in Houston. You can get many options with vast spaces for your children or pets to play. Also, it’s perfect if you love unique outdoor living spaces in your backyard.

Whether you are familiar with the neighborhood or just starting to explore, ensure to narrow down your preferences before shopping for potential homes. Spring Branch has numerous mid-century ranch designs that can cater to your family’s needs.

The 610-mile area is a haven for ambitious home builders looking for spacious lots. The neighborhood is close to City Center and Memorial City, so you won’t spend much time getting to work or stores for your shopping.

The combination of rich diversity and access to the spacious property makes Spring Branch a favorite destination for aspiring homeowners. Most importantly, it strikes a balance between proximity to city amenities and enough personal space to circumvent the nuances of city congestion.

Bottom Line

Houston is the best city to live in Texas, making it an amazing place for raising your family. However, choosing the appropriate neighborhood may not be straightforward since there are numerous options available. However, you can simplify the process by narrowing your preferences. Amenities like entertainment and schools are essential for family life. If you get your priorities right, finding a suitable home becomes less complicated.


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