Fedex Truck Game changes your perspective

For years, my children and I have played a game whenever we see a FedEx truck. Imbedded in the letters of the logo there is an arrow. To see it, you have to look at the letters in a different way—soften your gaze and see past the letters to find the arrow resting inside. My kids could spot it right away, and they’d laugh, “Aw come on, Mom—you can’t see it?!” And then one day, sitting in a line of going-nowhere traffic, a FedEx truck pulled up next to me. Having nothing else to claim my attention, I relaxed and looked into the logo. The arrow emerged clear as day. Now that I know how to look, I see the arrow right away; I just had to “get it”.

The day I saw the arrow so clearly it gave me a wonderful analogy, a great example to really understand how essential it is to step back each day and see myself, and my relationship to others from another perspective, a different view— a wider lens.

Perhaps our children are more aware of their innate ability than us moms? Just as my kids could spot the arrow right away, it took me a few more times. Now more than ever, why not step into this holiday season with child-like wonder wearing a new pair of technicolor glasses. Through your new vision, see and feel more peace, compassion and joy. What if the more challenging the moment, the more untapped hidden opportunity lies within it. Each and every one of us holds the power to reframe our own present moment: to stay in balance and create health and happiness from the inside out.

It is completely possible to feel good

Think of a time when you feel you are at your best—plenty of energy, clarity, and just plain happy? To feel this way is your natural state. Give your power to what and who empowers you. Choose your family. Choose your experience. Choose your rituals. Every day choices create your reality. Do your best to make healthy eating choices, exercise as a stress-buster, get enough sleep and be gentle on yourself and others. These pillars of positive health allow us to feel happy more often. And, when we feel good, that feeling ripples out to our babies, our families, everyone we come in contact with. Join me, choose a new and different view for a holiday of comfort and joy. Play the Fedex truck game!

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