Hey Big Spender! Establishing Financial Responsibility

With kids back in school schedules are starting to get hectic! Getting back into the school routine, balancing homework, chores, practices & fun can be a little overwhelming for anyone. Now, if you are a family of multiple children and both parents work, then it gets downright unreal! 

One of the problems we face in my home is being financially responsible. With so many ‘wants’ outweighing our ‘needs’, choices need to be made on exactly how/when to spend their hard earned money. To avoid the daily argument of ‘Mom, why can’t I spend $4.99 in Roblox? It’s only $5….” We have decided to try out Prepaid debit cards that will teach budgeting and being financially responsible. 

Here are the ones we are checking out this month:



An easy and fun way to pay allowance and teach your kids good money habits gohenry is a debit card and app with unique parental controls for young people aged 6 to 18. There’s an online account for you, linked to an account for each of your children. All managed through our easy-to-use app and online account. Your child gets their own gohenry debit card with parental controls. Only the money on the card can be spent, so there’s no danger of debt or overdraft.

COST: GoHenry costs $3.99 a month and you can cancel anytime.




Peace of mind for parents. Flexible parental controls that are right for each child and real-time notifications of each transaction. Greenlight is the only debit card that lets you choose the exact stores where kids can spend.

COST: Greenlight costs $4.99 to cover the whole family (includes up to 5 kids).


Allowance Manager 


Simple and effortless. A web and mobile app that makes kids good with money through vital, firsthand experience. Families can reference it from anywhere, at anytime, to know who has how much and why.

COST: Allowance Manager costs $49 annually, per card.




FamZoo prepaid cards are a uniquely affordable, convenient, and educational MasterCard® reloadable card offering designed specifically for families. Linked together and accessed online through FamZoo’s award-winning Virtual Family Bank software, the cards are used collaboratively to share funds between family members and develop financial responsibility.

COST: FamZoo costs $5.99 for a family subscription.


Best of luck! You can never start teaching financial responsibility too early!

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