Home Renovation Ideas

Home Renovation Ideas During Uncertain Times. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, people are moving a lot less than before. We’re spending more time inside our homes – the days are long, uneventful, and sometimes plain boring.

To keep themselves busy, a lot of DIYers tackle projects they previously never had time for. After all, thinking about turning your house into a beautiful dwelling is a completely normal thing when you’re spending so much time at home.

Below are a couple of ideas to get you started. Make sure you have the money to afford these projects, though – getting into borrowing money during these uncertain times makes little sense.

Add Simple Kitchen Upgrades

When it comes to highly frequented rooms inside a house, nothing beats the kitchen. The natural consequence of this is that the kitchen takes most wear and tear, and, over time, can start to look very dated and unappealing.

With more free time on your hands due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can take care of this issue and update the look of your kitchen. Something as simple as adding new light fixtures or replacing drawer knobs and cabinet doors can give the place a whole new look.

If your budget allows you, take the whole project one step further and add in a beautiful new countertop. Keep in mind that something like this takes more skill, so make sure you’re up to the task before you get started.

Reorganize Your Closets

Do you feel like your home needs a bit of reorganization? If so, consider a closet refresh. Installing a closet organizer is the best way to turn your old closet space into something both functional and attractive.

As you can already guess, this is also an inexpensive way to provide enough storage space for all of your clothing items. Keep in mind that you can order all of the parts online – these days, going to the store isn’t the best idea.

Build a Paver Patio or Deck

Another great home renovation project to occupy yourself with is building a wooden or stone deck outdoors. If your budget allows you and you have enough space, the whole project can be completed in just a couple of days.

Building a paver patio typically requires less skill and fewer tools, but can look absolutely stunning when done properly. Simply order the materials online, have them delivered to your address, and start laying the paving stones.

If you really want to enhance your home’s outdoor space, opt for a wooden deck. The benefits are obvious – it looks natural, authentic, and smells good. However, decks are less durable than paver patios, so make sure to use the right kind of paint.

No matter which option you ultimately decide to go with, a patio/deck will allow you and your family to bask in the sun while keeping yourself safe at home.

Add a New Trim or Molding

Another option would be to add a new molding or trim to your house. Those who live in older homes know how easily the baseboard can get damaged. Maybe it’s time for a facelift?

Fortunately, you can easily measure and purchase the trim in most home improvement stores. And once you bring it home, just apply it to all rooms of your house.

While simple in nature, new molding and trim can transform the look of any room. It’s a great project for those on a budget and can be completed by anyone – it’s that easy.

Paint the Interior

Are you looking for more simple DIY projects that will transform the look of your home? If so, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to all walls inside your house.

By painting your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other spaces, you’ll be able to enjoy a whole new look without spending much money. Depending on the size of your house, painting each room shouldn’t take more than just a couple of hours – you’ll need only a few afternoons to complete the whole project.

Besides a little bit of patience, you’ll also need some painting supplies, which are typically inexpensive. Therefore, this is a great home renovation project for those looking to keep themselves busy without having to break the bank.

Declutter and Re-Accessorize

With so much free time on our hands, cleaning and decluttering can get to a whole new level.

As you’re scrubbing around the home, keep an eye out for any outdated décor or unnecessary clutter. Now is the right time to get rid of worthless, outdated items and replace them with new ones.

And the best part about this simple home renovation project is shopping online for new accessories. These can include new artwork for your walls, eye-catching baskets for your flowers, new pillows…anything goes!

These are only a couple of home renovation ideas to try during these uncertain times. Think about other ways of transforming your sacred space and get started today!

Kevin has gone through an extensive home renovation with his son, which he has both thoroughly enjoyed, and dreaded every morning. He is now the proud owner of half his dream house (the other half has been waiting for spring). You can read more of Kevin’s work on PlainHelp.