Make Math a Part of the Bedtime Routine…

Bedtime Math released its new MiniMath app for iOS and Android, which is available for free download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Based on the popular Bedtime Math app for elementary school kids, MiniMath is designed for kids ages two to five to enjoy with their parents. The playful opening story is followed by three different types of questions (Look, See, Do) to help preschoolers explore their world with sizes, shapes, and numbers. Parents can choose the “Math Snack of the Day,” or other kid-friendly topics in English or Spanish.

In 2015, a University of Chicago study found that older children who did Bedtime Math improved their math achievement on average by three months more than children who didn’t use it. Most notably, children of the most math-anxious parents who chose to do Bedtime Math had gains of half a school year, narrowing the “math anxiety gap.”

“Studies have shown that most children who start kindergarten behind their peers in math stay behind, while an early love of math gives them a running start,” said Laura Overdeck, founder of the nonprofit Bedtime Math. “Early childhood is a critical time to build children’s capacity to learn, and parents stoke that by talking to kids, reading to them, and counting with them. Bedtime Math works because of the power of parental engagement. We’re excited to broaden our reach and get kids hooked early on math.”

Bedtime Math Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has become a leading source of childhood math content. Its core product is a playful online math problem that parents can do with their kids every day, garnering more than a quarter of a million followers. Bedtime Math is also the creator of Crazy 8s, the nation’s largest recreational after-school math club; a recent study from Johns Hopkins University found Crazy 8s significantly reduces children’s feelings of math anxiety after 8 weeks of participation in the club. For more information, visit www.bedtimemath.org.

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