Meet Houston SuperMOMS killing it!

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, and there is no manual for success. These local supermoms represent the amazing range of energy and grit that are required for the job. On any given day, these seven women – ages 35 to 52, are solo parenting, leading projects in the Texas Medical Center or in their self-made businesses and advocating for their children and patients’ needs all while continuing to navigate the ever-changing pandemic. Taking time for themselves isn’t always priority but we were honored to fill their cups with a little extra love (and champagne) for Mother’s Day!

Priscilla, 38, Air Force National Guard Service Member and Social Worker

Supermom to Kaylah (12), Xavier (6)


Besides your family, what are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my civilian job. Being in a healthcare profession can be exhausting but rewarding. When my patients tell me how much they appreciate me for advocating or listening to them, it gives me so much satisfaction and fulfillment.


What is your Supermom superpower? 

Resiliency. Sometimes I wonder how I am surviving two careers, raising a child with autism, supporting my veteran husband and supporting my mother. I am constantly being pulled in so many directions but my kids are my drive to always get back up and keep going.


How has motherhood surprised you?

When I was a child and watched family shows, solving problems within a family seemed so simple. In reality, it takes continuous work and maintenance to ensure everyone is happy and feeling like their best selves. As a mental health professional, I am constantly bringing those skills home.



Sherita, 52, Histologist

Supermom to Olive (4)


What’s special about Houston when it comes to raising children? 

Houston is special because it is such a multicultural city! I also love that we’re close to nature areas like the Hill Country, state and national parks and beaches.


What is your favorite part of motherhood? My favorite is the unconditional love and seeing life through my daughter’s eyes. I feel so fortune to be called “Mommy”, there’s nothing like it in the world!


How has motherhood surprised you? 

I am surprised by the energy that I have! I always pictured myself at 22 years with my first child, like my mom. I thought 30 years old would be my childbirth deadline but life is full of surprises! At age 48, Olive was born! The best life-change ever!


Elizabeth, 38, Stay-at-home mom, artist

Supermom to Gabriel (9), Daniel (6), Vivian (3), Evelyn (1.5)


What is your Supermom name: Stretch Arm Mom because I’m always stretched so thin!


How has motherhood surprised you? 

I was prepared for all of the joys of motherhood but not the worry, anxiety, and bittersweet feeling of them growing up. Time can’t stop and only goes by faster with more children and activities.


What’s the best part about raising your children in Houston?

The diversity! I grew up in a small town that lacked diversity. I am so proud to be raising my children among people who come from different cultures, backgrounds, professions, and views. Diversity is a necessity, and Houston is so very special when it comes to blending cultures and celebrating differences.

Jess, 35, Nurse

Supermom to Mela (11)


How do you take time for yourself?

Traveling really is the best way for me to reset my spirit and having my daughter there with me makes it an even better experience. I find a lot of healing in nature. The beauty and the quietness are quite literally a breath of fresh air from the chaos on the frontlines of a pandemic. Being in the hospital setting day after day and year after year is taxing on the soul. Getting away from the constant trauma, alarms, unrelenting pressures, impossible expectations, and heartbreaking stories is what helps me survive it.


Besides your family, what are you passionate about?

Advocacy for healthcare workers and safe staffing ratios. Safe staffing saves lives! I have worked in healthcare for 12 years and as a Registered Nurse for eight. I started working on the frontlines of the pandemic in 2020 and have been there ever since. For so long, healthcare workers have been afraid to speak up over the issues we see. We have families that depend on us, and it leaves us with an impossible choice between caring for our families and advocating for our patients. I want better for them, better for my family, and better for our community.



Danielle, 45, Scientific Project Director

Supermom to Lia (19), Gabbi (17), Kate (8), Christopher (6)


What is your Supermom name: “Tank” because I just roll through everything and seem unphased. It’s pretty much how I approach anything that the kids bring to me: we’ll figure this out; let’s just keep going.


What’s special about Houston when it comes to raising children?

There are so many amazing people and cultures represented; the kids are able to see and learn from others, taste a variety of foods, try new things. We’re very fortunate


Besides your family, what are you passionate about? 

Health and mental health advocacy. My children and I have several chronic health issues and it’s important to learn and raise awareness about them; you never know who you may help. No one should have to navigate healthcare alone. If by sharing our stories and experiences, we help one person or family feel validated in their experience or help them to find answers, that’s all I want to accomplish.




Donna, 41, Realtor

Supermom to Levi (12)


What is your Supermom name: Mom is my Supermom name. It’s simple, but my journey to motherhood was just the opposite – it was very complex. I always wanted a house full of kids. Accepting that my body was only able to create one miracle, Levi, was a reality that took some time to accept. Once I came to terms with this, I made a choice to show up every day and embrace what life has given me.

What is your favorite part of motherhood?

Having a front row seat to watch this once tiny human grow up and navigate the world to become the best version of himself. I love watching him succeed and hearing his opinions and ideas. I admire his determination and drive to overcome any and all obstacles.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given? Surprise your kid! Pick them up early from school every once in a while. Go on a trip, turn an everyday activity into an adventure.



Nicole, 42, Real Estate Investor

Supermom to Kendra (14), Krissy (14), Katey (3)


Share some of your personal or professional goals with us. 

My personal and professional goals are one in the same. I’d like to help other women become Mom-Investors, achieving home ownership multiple times over and financial independence!


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

When I was 16 years old my mother unexpectedly died from complications of diabetes. Like many mothers, she didn’t prioritize her own health. So, my best advice was given by my mother unintentionally, “Take care of yourself Nikki, so that you can be there for your family for years to come.” I miss that lady.  She was an angel.


Everyday, mothers transform into their children’s cheerleaders, teachers, defenders, friends and guides through life. Although bittersweet, we watch them with immense pride as they navigate the complexities of the world. It is an incredible badge of honor to be given the title of mom, mommy, madre, mama, eomma or mother. Visit to read the full interviews with these remarkable women and don’t forget to celebrate the mothers in your life this month and every day!


Full interviews from each supermom coming in the month of May! Check back!

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