Megastar Youtubers – The Amega Family

Megastar Youtubers – The Amega Family. One of the most wonderful things about YouTube and other digital platforms is that anyone can build their own digital community. No matter where you’re from or what content you make, everyone has the possibility to make it big; it’s like a microcosm in itself. And to put in hard work – blood, sweat, and tears – into making entertaining productions for this microcosm is to become an influencer. And that’s exactly what the Amega family have done! They make educational videos with fun animations, sweet storylines, and playful music to teach kids about the value of kindness, and have had an incredible outpouring of support from their viewers.

The Odnovols, Stacy (12) and Artem (15) have over 15+ million YouTube subscribers across their 17 YouTube channels produced in 12 different languages. Their mother, Elena, is the creator, producer and director for the duo, and they have fun making videos with their three-year-old sister Mia. Their journey as a family and as a video-producing powerhouse on YouTube is inspiring. I had a chance to speak with them about this journey.

The Amega family, as they’re known, immigrated to the USA from Russia in the summer of 2018. After their arrival, they traveled throughout the country. And from there, the idea of creating videos sprung.

“When we were traveling, we decided to film videos for friends and family back home in Russia to show them…after that, my mom told us that we can make more professional videos with our creativity and acting skills,” Stacy said.

The family’s initial goal was to teach their sister Mia how to be a kind friend, but then their goal expanded to teaching other kids in the world the core values of respect, self-expression, morality, honesty, creativity and positivity.

Stacy and Artem’s first viral video, and their most memorable one, was about their missing dog; since then, Artem says that their “videos have become more professional. The lighting became better and we even changed our home”.

The sister and brother duo both agree that making videos is a fun outlet and are glad to have found their passion. They’re also grateful for their viewers. “All the people [viewing our videos] want to be our friends,” Stacy said.

Especially for Artem, though, this channel means a lot. Artem, the oldest of the Odnovols, faced a lot of teasing in school in Russia. “Russia has less opportunities. I was bullied because I was in acting school. In Russia, there were stereotypes that boys my age should be strong, fighting… now, I enjoy, that I can show myself and I can act freely as the Hulk or a doctor or policeman,” he said.

Grigory and Elena Odnovol, Stacy and Artem’s parents, have stood beside them in their video-creating ventures. Elena especially has been inextricably involved in their channels, “making the scripts, getting the kids ready for the videos, and filming and editing them”. Seeing her children speak enthusiastically about “our community of friends”, as Stacy termed it, she feels “inspired and happy”.

After speaking with the Amega family, I can certainly say that I was inspired to seize the day and achieve my goals. As Artem advises, “one of the most important things in your life is reaching your goals.” And that’s certainly what they’ve done!

The Amega Family makes videos 3-4 times a week. Check out their flagship channel, Nastya Artem Mia, here: https://www.youtube.com/c/NastyaArtemMia/featured.

Their Instagram social media handles are: @artem_odnovol, @nastya.odnovol, @mia_odnovol, @grigory_family, and @elena.odnovol.

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