Nourish Yourself: Body and Soul

written by Elizabeth Irvine

Elizabeth Irvine: nurse, educator, jewelry designer and award-winning author. She is the founder and owner of Truewellbeing Inc. — visit her website to purchase her books and intentional jewelry and sign up for soulful workshops and retreats around the world. www.elizabethirvine.com.

Healthy Mother, Healthy Child


What mother doesn’t want a healthy happy child? As a former ICU nurse who builds from a solid scientific base, and adding a good dash of a mother’s common sense in this comforting, easy-to-follow guide, Healthy Mother Healthy Child, Elizabeth tackles topics from childhood obesity to calming techniques for children to ways your family can go “green” — creating health from the inside out.

Back in my nursing days, I loved nothing more than to grab a glazed donut and coffee to keep me going. It was a quick fix that I thought would take me through the endless tasks ahead of me. I now realize that the sugar-caffeine high felt fantastic for a short while, but later left me no where to go but down as the effects wore off and I became irritable and hungry.

Plain and simple, good food makes you feel great. 

Over time, my eating habits changed and new healthy choices led to increased energy, an even temperament and an overall healthy diet. 

Through the years of observing my healthy eating, led our children to develop their own habits, to understand how much better healthy food makes them feel. The foundation of good nutrition is becoming attentive to the choices we make about our food and how that food makes us feel. Our own healthy example leads them more clearly and effortlessly than any words you can say.

Our son Sam was the inspiration for writing my first book, Healthy Mother Healthy Child. He’s now all grown up and cooking up his own healthy lifestyle….

Q&A with Sam

Q: At twenty-four years old, your passion for cooking inspires many. How did you get into cooking?
A: I went away to college and had to eat dorm food my first year. I realized that my sophomore year it was a necessity for me to have a place where I could cook my own healthy food.

Q: Do you cook everyday?
A: Yes, I do cook every day. I also like to have leftovers in the freezer as it’s a good way of pretending you cooked that day, when it’s actually your work from another day.

Q: Do you pay attention to the seasons when you cook and why?
A: Yes, I follow the seasons when cooking. I feel it’s cheaper and seasonal food always tastes better.

Q: What do you enjoy most about cooking?
A: For me, cooking is a meditation. My mind kind of goes into a blank space of “no thinking” during the process and this is a relaxing feeling.

Sam’s Roast Chicken

“Sam describes his cooking as a “meditation”. Everyone does things in their own way, and I feel meditation can refer to any process that leads you to an inner state of heightened relaxed awareness—there’s really no right or wrong way of doing it. For Sam, cooking is simply a different technique that can be used as a tool to help you focus and quiet your mind.”


  • 1 whole chicken (around 4 pounds)
  • 1 lemon 
  • 1 whole head of garlic 
  • Fresh herbs (rosemary or thyme work well)
  • Potatoes 
  • two onions 
  • salt and pepper 
  • olive oil 
  • Two tablespoons butter 
  • kitchen string (optional)

If you have time take your bird out of its packaging, take the giblets out of the cavity and pat the bird dry with paper towels. Salt the bird inside and out. Place in your fridge uncovered for a few hours or preferably overnight. This helps draw out moisture, giving you crispier skin when it roasts and allows the salt to penetrate and season the meat. 


Preheat oven to 425. Take your bird out, remove the giblets and pat the bird dry with paper towels. Season generously with salt and pepper (if you did the step above still season the bird just add a little less salt). 

Place the chicken in a roasting pan/ something large enough to hold the chicken, potatoes, and onions.  Cut your lemon in half. Cut your whole head of garlic in half crosswise. Stuff the bird with your lemons, garlic, and herbs. Tie the legs together with kitchen string (or they’ll be ok hanging out if you don’t). 

Cut your onions into quarters and place in a large bowl. Cut your potatoes into roughly the same size as the onions and place in the bowl. Pour olive oil over the onion and potato mixture. Season with salt and pepper. Give them a toss. Place onion and potatoes around your chicken.

Melt your butter and pour it over your chicken and veg mixture. Place chicken in oven legs first. Roast for 1-hour 20minutes or until the juices run clear when cut between leg and thigh. Remove chicken to a platter and cover with aluminum foil. Let rest 20 minutes.  Carve and serve. 

(Another optional step)
I like my veggies very crispy and gnarly so when you take your chicken out take a wooden spoon and scrape the veggies around in all the chicken juices and put the veggies back in the oven for the 20 minutes while your chicken is resting.  


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