Publisher’s Note: Spring Break is Here!

I don’t know about you, but 2020 has been kicking my butt! Maybe it’s that I have a lot on my plate. Maybe it’s that it’s the beginning of a new decade. Or maybe I’m just getting old!! Whatever the case is, I’m glad that Spring Break is here and we will be getting out of town for some much needed R&R! What are your plans?

If you are looking for a new place to visit, and you’d like it to be semi-close to home, then check out this month’s Family Travel piece on the JL Bar & Ranch in Sonora, TX. It’s a beautiful property filled with everything Texans enjoy – hunting, fishing, hiking, ATV rides, horseback riding, great food and some of the prettiest sunsets and star-filled skies around. It’s definitely worth the 4.5 hr. trek from H-town!

If you aren’t able to get out of town, but need something for the kiddos to do, be sure to review this month’s Camp Directory. Chock full of day & overnight camps, the directory offers something for everyone’s interests and ages. 

For instance, the SPCA’s Critter Camp! Did you know that along with the adorable cats & dogs that can be found at our local facility, you can also find horses, pot bellied pigs, chickens, rats, guinea pigs, screech owls and more? If you love animals, this is a great place to learn more and give back! Take a peek behind the scenes at this month’s cover photo shoot with our HFM Kid Ambassadors!

They are a great group of kids and so easy to talk to. However, that isn’t always the case. Especially with your own kids. If you are having difficulty communicating with your child, Sarah Lyons tells us how we can do a better job in this month’s Tips for Communicating with Your Child. Sometimes, it’s just about putting down the devices and doing something together. Other times, there may be more to it. Take a few minutes to read this one and give us your thoughts if it helps!

I don’t know about you, but my tween is growing like a weed and I have the grocery bill to prove it. With baseball season starting, I know it is just going to get worse! Cheryl Maguire is here to save the day with tips on How to Keep Your Kid from Eating you out of House & Home! That + a winning lottery ticket and we might make it through to summer!

Whatever your spring break plans are, we hope you & yours have a great time together!

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