5 Best Places for Camping in Florida


Florida is perhaps one of the best destinations for camping in the United States. State parks
scattered in the state get visitors throughout the peak seasons and are equipped with
unique facilities to entertain the guests. The arrangements are family-friendly and you can
thoroughly enjoy your time on these sites.

If you love backpacking and car camping, October and March are the best times. January
and February are the best times for backpacking.

Whether it’s the state parks, beaches, or seashores, every camping site has something
unique to offer to its guests. If you’re planning to visit Florida for camping next season, you
could visit the following five campsites.

Florida Keys

Want to enjoy camping on an island? The Florida Keys is your prime destination. The
islands are bunched together and surrounded by serene water, with Key West being the
most popular destination for campers. It houses the third-largest coral reef. You can enjoy
diving and snorkeling, and enjoy the amazing nightlife on the sandy beaches.
RV resorts in the keys Florida are open for reservation all year round. Whether you want to
visit them for a day, a week, or even a month, you can make a quick reservation. There are
various places on the West Key, Key Largo, Big Pine Key, and many more for reservation.
Some of them accept booking on a visit, and some can be booked before the visit. Visit their
website to check availability and find a list of activities you can partake in.

Myakka River State Park

Sunshine State proudly holds Myakka River State Park which is one of the best places to
camp in this area. If you’re a fan of prairies and wetlands, this place is ideal for you for
camping. Rich wildlife lies in the heart of lush greenery. You can enjoy the trails on bikes
and enjoy activities such as canoeing, boating, fishing, and kayaking in the Myakka river.

You can also view the wildlife or go birdwatching. They also have amenities such as shower
stations, an amphitheater, and cabins, making the experience family-friendly.
Making a reservation for this campsite is very easy. The river state park has its website
where they provide passes starting from a single day.

Beverly Beach Camptown

Another best place to camp for beach lovers is Beverly Beach Camptown. The RV resorts
boast around 150 campsites with their private beaches and great amenities. The water and
sewage are top-notch, and the site is completely pet-friendly. You can get free wi-fi,
laundry, bath houses, and even convenience stores for purchasing regular items.
Children aged 13 and below can camp here for free. You can visit their website for more
camping rules and details on the fees. Peak seasons require you to pay more than off-peak
seasons. The detailed pricing and reservation process can be found on their official website.

Tomoka State Park

Don’t like crowds? Visit Tomoka State Park for camping. Nestled within the folds of nature,
this camping site comes with hiking trails, fishing spots, kayaking, and biking facilities. You
can also grill fish around a firepit and eat them fresh during the night. The site used to be a
slave settlement in its early days, and now hosts an amazing camping site with the best

The campsite has good amenities and activities including running water and electricity, a
grill, picnic tables, cabins, canoeing, boating, and much more, making it a family-friendly
experience. You can camp in a tent or bring your RV.
Reservation is accepted on the website of Florida State Parks. You can find the camping
rules, fees, and visiting hours on the website as well.

Cayo Costa State Park

If you’re looking for a unique tent camping experience, you can take your family or friends
to Cayo Costa State Park. You can reach the camping site on a ferry or boat. The nine-mile
beach camping site has all the necessary amenities such as hammock camping, bathhouses,
campfires, picnic tables, regular electricity and water, and cabins. Handicapped people
have special accessibility. The amphitheater holds interpretive shows. You can explore the
trails on bikes, or go hiking.

The campsite is pet-friendly. You can book cabins on the website of Florida State Parks, and
find details on fees and hours.

Camping is one of the best ways to spend family time in nature. It brings you closer to
nature and refreshes your mind in a way nothing else can. Camping can give you a break
from stressful city life and fill your mind with peace. Whether you’re visiting for a day or a
whole week, the campsites are ready to host you with their great amenities and list of
activities to ensure a great experience.