Best DIY Travel Games for Kids

Traveling with kids is always a good idea, regardless of how young they are. Travel fosters independence and opens perspectives with new food to try, places to visit and hotels to discover. We’ve rounded up some of the best DIY travel games for kids to make any road trip or airplane flight as enjoyable as possible.

The Today Show featured Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy Media who presented a few DIY Travel Games that are cheap and easy to make and should be loved by your kids. And if they love it then you will love it because you will be able to keep your sanity while travelling to your destination.

Here’s the games featured in the video as well as other great DIY Travel Games.

  • Portable Lego Kit, DIY from Mama. Papa. Bubba. Legos are amazing toys for free and creative play. The challenge for most kids (and parents) is to keep them organized, especially if you’re traveling. This is such a cool idea that you can engage your kids in making before you head out on your vacay.
  • Travel Lap Tray, DIY from Pretty Prudent. Creative designing at its best and you can use readily available household items to make this craft time activity seamless.
  • Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set, DIY from Doodle Craft! A DIY on a classic theme. The only challenge with this idea is that we found the felt material difficult to cut through, otherwise it’s a perfect game to make and bring with you on board.
  • Cozy Car Caddy, DIY from Homemade By Jill
  • Travel Bingo Printable, DIY from Say Yes. Bingo is a classic game suitable for all ages and you can easily pack it with you for lots of airplane fun.
  • Tic Tac Toe, DIY from Hellobee
  • Travel Checkers Set, DIY from Sew, Mama, Sew! viaApartment Therapy

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