Family Wanderlust for an adventure in education! So, with a dream and a mission, local mom & photographer of Relics of Rainbows Photo, Nicole Oman decided to put her Coronavirus worries aside. “We decided since Covid probably won’t be over for a while that we’d act now on our dream of buying an airstream and seeing more of the U.S.,” said the Houstonian mom. 

Summer is not over

While school starts are delayed all across the Houston area, they decided it’s a good time to get out and give the kids a different kind of education. “We traded in the monotony of quarantine with its abundance of screen time for life lessons on the road. Every place we stop fosters discovery and an appreciation for the beauty of our Earth and our Country. As a result, they’re learning Earth and Life Science by seeing and breathing it.”

And so it begins

As many great adventures start, Nicole and her family began by driving off into the sunset headed west through Texas then traveling to New Mexico. They will continue to Arizona and end in San Diego. On their return trip, they will travel through Utah before headed back to our great state of Texas.

Capture the moment

Armed with her trusty camera, Nicole has captured some amazing imagery that we are excited to share with our HFM readers. We know you will enjoy the visual journey! Hopefully,  it inspires you to embark on your own family adventure.

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