Finding Relaxation on a Family Getaway to Dallas at Hotel Crescent Court

Opulence Reimagined: Hotel Crescent Court Finding Relaxation on a Family Getaway to Dallas.

Burned out, exhausted, and running on fumes after the holiday hustle and bustle, our family of four was in desperate need of a get-away to relax, recharge, and re-center. With recent air travel challenges, we chose a destination close to home. A mere three and a half hour car ride transported us to the heart of Dallas and into the trendy and vibrant Uptown District to the Hotel Crescent Court for the weekend.

Hotel Crescent Court is a commanding presence with its 11- acre grounds and French-Renaissance façade. The Crescent complex echoes luxury, refined opulence, and sophistication.

After a 33 million dollar renovation in 2018, “The pride of Dallas” delights travelers with an immersive spa, fitness center, swanky champagne bar and cocktail lounge, sparkling roof-top swimming pool, signature gardens, and the exclusive members-only Crescent Club. We were eager to see it for ourselves!


Arriving into Dallas early, our first stop was to explore the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. With five floors of exhibits there was something to peak everyone’s curiosity and interests. The Paleontology exhibit and the Engineering and Innovation Hall were the most popular with the kids. My son loved coding and driving robotic machines. My daughter enjoyed creating dancing IR emojis on the big screen and 3D printing in the ChallENGe Lab.

We also spent quite a bit of time in the temporary exhibit, Towers of Tomorrow. The hall features 20 of the most iconic towers in the world constructed entirely of LEGO bricks. The interactive exhibit, with over 200,000 LEGO bricks, allows creators of all ages to construct their own unique architectural wonder. We couldn’t quite finish our creations before it was time for our 3D film to begin though.

We ended our museum experience with a presentation of Hidden Pacific 3D. Being my son’s first 3D movie (that he can remember), he thoroughly enjoyed the experience of wonders of the oceans coming to life in such vivid detail.

After expending quite a bit of energy at the Perot Museum, we drove to the Hotel Crescent Complex to have dinner at Sixty Vines. The open-air style kitchen and a large assortment of wines on tap made for a unique dining experience.

With happy children and now- full bellies, we walked back to the hotel to properly check in.


Our room was immaculate and beautifully decorated in shades of ivory, soft neutrals, and golds. Large glass French doors opened to a Juliet balcony overlooking the gardens. The room was well appointed with crisp linens, feather pillows, and a mattress akin to a billowing cloud. All of the beautiful décor couldn’t be matched by the surprise that was awaiting the kids when we opened the door to the room.

A large white linen-lined service cart was adorned with warm chocolate chip cookies and chilled milk, an array of candies displayed in glass jars, macarons, chocolate covered strawberries, popcorn and to top all of that… the crown jewel, an edible checkerboard made entirely out of chocolate and dusted with gold powder. Filled truffles were delicately placed on the playing board as game pieces. The kids’ eyes were wide and mouths agape as they stared for a quick second in shock and undoubtedly trying to figure out what to devour first.

This spectacular welcome package is part of the exclusive “Crescent Goodnights” kids package. The package also included board games, a book, and a few other surprises to create a one-of a kind-family night hotel experience.

The kids squealed with delight and I instantly knew this would be the highlight of their trip and a unique experience they would be talking about for many weeks to come.


After a pleasant night’s sleep, we rose to get dressed and have breakfast in the Conservatory. Situated just off the hotel lobby, we were seated along a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the gorgeous gardens. Between the four of us, we ordered the Belgian waffle, pancakes, eggs benedict, and the giant cinnamon roll. When the cinnamon roll arrived, it was the instant talking point and commanded the attention of the table as it was about the size of my son’s head. It could easily feed four people. Every item we ordered was cooked to perfection and the service was impeccable. It was the perfect breakfast experience to begin the day.

For me, my relaxation began as I prepared myself for a total immersive day of serenity at the spa.

Ahhh the Spa…..

The spa has 16 treatment rooms, a whirlpool with hot and cold plunge pools, relaxation room, nail spa, wellness center/gym, and cryotherapy chamber. The holistic space is adorned in calming blues, greys, and lavenders tones providing a tranquil space for guests to be fully pampered and relax.

Changing into my soft white robe and slippers, I was led to a treatment room off the women’s lounge area. Dimly lit and smelling of a soft citrus, I was instantly relaxed lying on the soft, warm heated treatment table. My aesthetician, Orit, instantly transferred my energy into a total state of serenity as she gently massaged and exfoliated my skin. A charcoal cleansing mask and several vitamin and remedy serums were just what my tired and sun-kissed skin needed. The texture of my skin felt smoother and my skin tone was noticeably brighter.

Orit, a seasoned Hotel Crescent Spa employee of over 20 years clearly mastered her craft as it was by far, the best facial I have ever experienced. I highly recommend booking her for a treatment, during a stay at the hotel or if you happen to be in the area.

Losing track of all time while feeling fully pampered, I decided to brave a round of cryotherapy. This being my first cryotherapy experience, I did not quite know what to expect and was admittedly slightly nervous.

Margaret was excellent and explained the process in detail, calming my thoughts. I was given special gloves, socks, and slippers and a two minute session was recommended. I stepped up into the machine as cryotherapy mist wafted out of the open air cylindrical chamber. I felt the first initial blast of arctic air and tried to hold my composure as I felt the cold permeate into my muscles and bones. As my session ended, I felt the warm rush of blood coursing to my extremities and my muscles felt lighter. Having chronic swelling issues in my wrists from long hours on the computer or holding a tennis racquet, my swelling was noticeably reduced about 45 minutes after my session. I may now be hooked.

Realizing I couldn’t spend all day hiding…err…relaxing by myself, I dressed back into my clothing and met up with the rest of the family to explore the Dallas World Aquarium.

I love animals, especially all marine life, so I might have been more excited than the kids to venture out. Less than a mile from the hotel, located inside an unassuming converted warehouse, was the Dallas World Aquarium.

To our surprise, this was not like any aquarium we were expecting. Sure, they had the usual variety of marine life: fish, rays, eels, and sharks, surrounded by vibrant corals; however, there was a huge variety of animals nestled into a rainforest themed backdrop as well. Tropical plants and a large waterfall flank the exhibits creating a realistic rainforest habitat for the animals. Penguins, sloths, crocodiles, snakes, monkeys, and even a manatee and ocelot were all easy to spot inside the enclosures. QR codes line the exhibits to detail information about each species.

The consensus amongst our family was that the gargantuan crocodile was the clear favorite. It took our breath away with its sheer size as it glided through the water. The size of its jaw was a magnificent and slightly terrifying sight. It was mesmerizing to watch.

Hungry after taking in all of the sights and sounds of the Dallas World Aquarium, we drove back to the hotel and walked to Shake Shack. Located just beyond the Hotel Crescent complex under a canopy of trees strung with lights, the kids were delighted to spot table tennis and a corn hole set.

A bit chilly to sit outside in January, we decided to grab a table inside to eat. While we waited for the food, the kids engaged in a few competitive rounds of table tennis. Our order of burgers, fries, and shakes came out rather quickly and everything was hot and fresh. A short walk around the complex led us back to the room to retire for the evening.


Awakening on our last morning to the soft sunlight flooding the room, Abby and I readied ourselves for some serious retail therapy.

Located in the Crescent complex is the luxury goods specialty department store Stanley Korshak. With service derived from the late Stanley Marcus of Neiman and Marcus we were greeted with a team of style advisors. With its impressive selection of designer goods from Valentino and Jimmy Choo to Chanel and Christian Louboutin the brightly lit, immaculate and elegant show rooms are a luxury shopper’s paradise.

Even more impressive, the store offers a dressing room to guest room service geared toward the affluent traveler. A selection of couture clothing, complete with shoes and accessories for any occasion, can be hand- delivered to your guest suite where you can try on and purchase what you intend to keep and send unwanted items back. An on-call tailor is available as well. This is truly a unique and luxurious service offered to Hotel Crescent Court guests.

We closed out the trip thanking the staff for such a fulfilling and much needed get-away for our family. We had such a wonderful trip and I know we will be back very soon! CrescentCourt.com

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