A new ice cream with veggies? Yes, it’s true!

Veggies are now in the frozen dessert aisle with Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream. Designed for the everyday consumer who strives to live a balanced lifestyle, Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream sneaks all the health benefits of vegetables into everyone’s favorite indulgent sweet treat. They’ve hidden health without compromising in taste by consciously coupling veggies with traditional ice cream flavors. The newest ice cream to hit the market is currently only available at HEB throughout Texas.

Jessica Levison, Founder of Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream, is also the owner of Miami’s Serendipity Creamery, known for its unique and artisanal sorbet and ice cream combinations. A mother of picky eaters, Jessica was fed up with the ‘eat your veggies’ argument night after night. Determined to win the veggies war with her small children and armed with the knowledge of how to create delicious ice cream, Jessica began experimenting with hiding veggies in her kids’ ice cream and perfected the consistency, taste and veggie pairing in each signature flavor. After receiving rave reviews from both kids and adults alike, Peekaboo was born. Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream currently offers five tasty flavors with varying equivalents of veggies per 14 ounce containers, including:

  • Strawberry with Hidden Carrots, contains the equivalent of 14 baby carrots
  • Vanilla with Hidden Zucchini, contains the equivalent of 1.5 zucchinis
  • Mint Chocolate Chip with Hidden Spinach, contains the equivalent of 2 cups raw spinach
  • Chocolate with Hidden Cauliflower, contains the equivalent of 10 cauliflower florets
  • Cotton Candy with Hidden Beets, contains the equivalent of 4 small beets

“I am passionate about how we can sneak in nutritious additions to our everyday indulgences and we’re thrilled to have Texas be the launching ground for Peekaboo, especially at HEB which is the go-to place for grocery shopping in Texas,” Founder Jessica Levison explains, “Texans take their ice cream seriously and to be a part of that is an honor. Our flavors are big, just like Texas.” Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream pints are currently available for purchase online and in HEB retailers throughout Texas. Find Peekaboo Organic Ice Cream at your nearest HEB by visiting www.peekabooicecream.com.

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january, 2021