Aerial Fitness at The Houstonian

aerial fitness houstonian

The Houstonian Club, a premier health club in Houston, launched several new fitness classes at the beginning of 2024. While most health clubs focus on their adult members, kids are always top of mind at The Houstonian Club. The family-friendly facility offers several options for kids, including racquet sports, year-round aquatics instruction, sports camps, and more. The Houstonian Club’s team of certified personal trainers and fitness instructors believe offering opportunities to vary a workout regime helps fitness enthusiasts of all ages stay active and engaged.


Their newest offering focused on children is Aerial Fitness. Instructor Amy Ell teaches the class twice weekly to children ages 9 to 12. No experience is needed for the one-hour class, which includes a short warm-up, strength training to prepare the body for aerial movements, and instruction on the fundamentals of aerial skills, including the correct terminology and proper form. During the class, children hang upside down, twist, and turn in silky loops called “hammocks” suspended from the ceiling.


“The response to our kids’ programming has always been positive,” says Group Exercise Director, Melissa Shippy. “Kids and parents are enthusiastic when we add new classes, and the feedback we’ve received from Aerial Fitness classes has been excellent. The Houstonian Club understands that getting children involved in fitness at a young age will help them as they grow and in all aspects of life. We are always excited to offer fun ways to make that happen.”


According to Ell, children learn best through play, and aerial skills lean into that philosophy. Aerial fitness teaches kids how gravity works for them, not against them. They also learn self-confidence by achieving a skill and moving on to more advanced techniques. Kids also form a community in the classes and cheer each other on.


“As much as I love teaching skills, kids get the most excited when they have the chance to create independently,” says Ell. “Each class ends with an improvisational creative time when they can review skills learned in class or create their movements. It is awesome to see how confident they become even after just one class.”


Aerial Fitness classes are available twice weekly to members and registered hotel guests. For more information about the classes, email yoga@houstonian.com.

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