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As the go-to partner for healthcare professionals as well as pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, Medela is taking important steps to share accurate information about breastfeeding and COVID-19. Medela is now offering extended live chat customer service hours from 5am to midnight CT Monday through Friday. Medela is actively working with retail partners to ensure Medela products are available for pick-up or home delivery. 

Is it safe to breastfeed if I have Coronavirus?

Studies are limited, but until now they show that the mother can continue to give her milk to the baby taking precautions like using a mask and washing hands when feeding at the breast.

I am pregnant. Am I in the at-risk group to contract Coronavirus? 

Not directly. But because pregnant women are more susceptible to infections, you should protect yourself follwoing the general guidelines.

Can I pass COVID-19 to my baby through breast milk? 

The limited studies on breastfeeding with COVID-19 haven’t detected the virus in breast milk. It’s still unknown for sure if breast milk can or not be a carrier of the virus. However, because of the benefits of breastfeeding, UNICEF and the CDC state that the mother can continue doing so whil applying all the necessary precautions. 

I am pregant. If I get infected with COVID-19 will my baby be hurt?

The risks to newborns from mothers with COVID-19 are still unknown. There has been a small number of reported problems with pregnancy or delivery in babies born to mothers with COVID-19 during their pregnancy, but it’s not clear that the outcomes were related to the infection. 

Medela has also created a COVID-19 FAQ page on their website, which you can find here. www.medela.us

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