Resolutions – Set Manageable Goals

New Year’s Resolutions. Are we just setting ourselves up for failure? Set Manageable Goals!


Hello 2021! We are expecting a lot from you!!


After the year that we have had. I think we can all agree. We are looking for a new start.

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our minds, bodies & spirit. I do not know many who have not faced a breakdown of sorts, financial or emotional, over the past year. So, we are eagerly anticipating the beginning of the new year to get things back on track.


But, hold the phone. We all realize that life is not going to go back to normal overnight, if ever. So, the best thing to do is assess where you are at today, with what is going on in your world, and make some new plans.


The New Year is always a great time to put some resolutions in place and kick the year off with a bang. To avoid setting yourself up for failure, experts agree, you need to set manageable goals or intentions for yourself and your family. Make them easy to attain and keep yourself on track.


Be Practical and Specific

For example, if you tell the family, “We are going to eat healthier in 2021”. That’s a GREAT resolution, but what does that mean in reality? 


Be clear. It may simply mean the family will not eat anymore fast food. Or, we are going to have fish for dinner twice a week. Whatever ‘healthy’ means to you, break it down into practical goals that are easy to fold into your life and everyone can understand. This makes for a practical way to set manageable goals.


Set a time limit

If eating healthier is your goal, and you break it down into simple specifics of how you are going to eat healthier, go a step further and give yourself a time limit. It may just be for the month of January and you will assess how you feel at the end of the month. It may be until Spring Break or just for a week. Whatever you decide, again be realistic. 


Reward Yourself

Once you have your goal(s) in place, with your time limit, then what is your reward going to be?

Choose something that you normally would not do for yourself or your family. Something that will be significant enough to keep you motivated! It will help keep you on track.


Do Not Keep it a Secret

Tell your mom, your neighbor, your Facebook group. Whoever holds you to task and keeps you motivated, be sure they are on board with you. This is especially helpful if they want to achieve the same goals. The buddy system has always helped me stay on track and workout on those days that I was not feeling especially motivated to exercise!


Choose Wisely

While there are many things that I would like to improve upon in my life, I know that there are only so many hours in a day. There is only one me and I do not want to stress myself out about keeping my New Year’s resolutions that are supposed to make me a better version of myself!


Be kind to yourself. Choose resolutions that are really attainable, manageable and something that you will be very happy to have accomplished in 2021!

5 Realistic Resolution ideas


  1. Go green – Start recycling – build a family garden – start composting, https://www.urbanharvest.org/
  2. Family Dinners – have different members of the family in charge of dinner one night; they will learn to cook and mom will get a break!
  3. Get outdoors – take a walk, a bike ride, go for a swim or play a game outside at least 3 nights a week https://www.houstontx.gov/parks/
  4. Learn a new skill – cooking, singing, drawing – there is a You Tube video for just about everything. Pick something to master. 
  5. Be of service – once a month or once a week, find a way to be of service. Cook a meal for an elderly neighbor. Walk a single mom’s dog for them. Donate time at church. Wash mom’s car. Whatever you can do to help someone out in your community https://volunteerhouston.org/


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