YMCA of Greater Houston Provides Home Workout and Healthy Living Tips

While most gyms are closed, it is important to be able to continue living a healthy lifestyle during this time of self-quarantine and social distancing. Many of us may not have the luxury of an at-home gym or ample space to move around, so we have to get creative. The first step to maximizing your workout from home is to create a space. In doing so, don’t be afraid to use sturdy furniture to your advantage. Exercises such as push-ups on the couch, standing lunges and body weight squats require minimal space and keep your heart rate up. 

It is essential to maintain a regular schedule. While working from home or spending extended time indoors, it’s easy to find ourselves in a slump considering our regular schedules are derailed. Boosting your immune system and mindset are key elements of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Carving time out for things you want to get done will help you keep focus on your goals. Incorporating moderate activity into your daily routine will also increase feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin in addition to promoting lymphatic drainage, which is the fluid that transports white blood cells, oxygen, and nutrients to tissues throughout the body. Following general health guidelines will improve cardiovascular health and an overall cleanse by getting rid of metabolic waste.

Getting the entire family active may pose as a difficult task, but thankfully there are many ways to engage everyone in activity. To keep the entire family moving indoors, remember to have fun with it! Things as simple as Nerf gun wars, extreme hide-and-seek, scavenger hunts or doing Y360 together are all fun avenues to get in your ‘workout.’ Most importantly, don’t take it too seriously. 

Don’t forget about the great outdoors– there is an abundant amount of room outside to practice social distancing. Houston has so many safe options to get moving outside; we are lucky to have a ton of parks in and around the city.

If you’re one that finds motivation in working out with others, then we recommend finding a virtual accountability partner. Face-to-face may not be an option right now, but we can still connect as a community and help each other keep going online! Check out the YMCA of Great Houston’s Y360 (https://ymca360.org/ ) virtual classes that are accessible for everyone.  

If you’re crunched for time, or juggling working at home with the family, the concern is less about what workouts to do and more about setting time aside. Be intentional about building activity into your day. Set an ‘Out of Office’ or a ‘Do Not Disturb’ on your phone, then take a virtual class or run. 

It’s especially important to keep nutrition at the forefront. This means no eating out of boredom. Tracking food and increasing water intake are also very beneficial during this time. Typically shelf sustainable foods are high in sodium. While canned vegetables are better than no vegetables, when preparing such dishes give the veggies a rinse to help rid of sodium. Sustaining moderate activity can help boost your energy mentally and physically. 

Above all, prioritize your well-being because your friends and family need to stay active and healthy during this pandemic. 

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