Hypothesis Haven builds our future

The future needs scientists, engineers, problem-solvers, innovators and thinkers. Enter Hypothesis Haven!

Not your average STEM Program

Hypothesis Haven Science Club is not your average STEM program.  They are the first and only medical science program for children ages 5-13 that provides early exposure to life science careers and teaches the steps that scientists take to discover, treat, and cure illnesses.

Over the last few decades, innovations in science and technology have made incredible strides to provide a better life. At Hypothesis Haven, they are passionate about using clinical research as a platform to teach kids scientific thinking and creative problem-solving skills that will spark a lifetime of curiosity and lead to big medical breakthroughs.

Bridget Chapital, Founder/Director, Hypothesis Haven

Leading the Way

Leading the way is their founder and director, Bridget Chapital, BS, MEd. Bridget is a health education professional with 17+ years experience in the biomedical research industry, including roles with UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and Baylor College of Medicine.

Hypothesis Haven Science Club is the culmination of her dream to share her knowledge in the clinical trials industry with the next generation of young scientists.

​Their Goals

Unlike other science programs for kids that focus on making DIY volcanos and slime, we use the clinical research process as a tool to teach children the problem-solving skills and innovation mindset necessary for leaders of the future.

Grab your lab coat and get ready to explore!

Online Workshops

They bring the fun with LIVE online workshops to keep children learning about life-saving scientific discoveries from the safety of home! Keep your kids minds engaged by opening them up to the possibilities of science! Their programs feature fun and engaging real-world topics taught by instructors who are passionate about science education.

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FSA Eligible; $25 a day or $100 a week.

For more information, visit https://www.hypothesishaven.com or call 713-396-3436

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